Anup’s poem


(Anup, a fren of mine, wants his poem to be published here. He is a great fan of Jim Morisson!)

For the sake of myself

I have come to realize

Not in the face of truth

But in depth of agony

Thrown out from the womb

Into the rotten society

Outcome of cogently false axiom

An example of an inhuman existence

An example of heretical believes

Extremely anti pious

With inert characters and undignified beliefs

With odious thoughts of natural phenomena


I characterize rest as fervent insects

Extremely malleable like soft clay

Like insipid creatures you crawl for daylight

Should I call you humans or

Just, misleading attractive maggots

As prosaic as you can be (ready to get extinct)

No character in me is of the rest

I am not a human

Yea in the midst of phony, I was never the one


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