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Today recalling some part of yesterday

Why do I write journal?

I have a weird plan and for that I need to archive my experiences and feelings everyday. But sometimes I forget to keep record of everything.

Yesterday I forgot to write something. I remembered that today but could not retain what that was. This sort of things often happens to me.

If there were any mechanism to measure memory of persons in terms of bytes, for sure, mine would be least possible for a normal being. Nonetheless, if given a fillip regarding the events, I easily can recollect occasions. But no, not the names and numbers; I am very poor at remembering people with their names and keep numbers in mind for a long time.

No matter you are Anju who I know for years but don’t get surprised if I call you as Manju.

Girl, you may be getting calls from me. And I would be talking to you like my aunt. Don’t take it otherwise; the phone calls go to you by mistake. I mix up with telephone numbers.

Sometimes I have been in problems because of mental block for numbers. I have to draw money from the ATM but I forget my pin number.

And, look at me! I just wanted to mention that I am forgetful and suffer from some sort of amnesia. But I deviated from the real things. I forgot what I was planning to write today. I really forgot what I did today, in sequence.

Circumlocution has been another problem for me. I wish I could tell things directly. I won’t elaborate this further.

I remembered something that belong to yesterday’s dairy.

I went to Patan with Neeraj Amatya, a buddy who is from the place. In Lagankhel, we met Nisha. I teased her for giving us a treat; she said ok. We three talked about the CDM and other things related to research.

Neeraj (I think he does not write his name this way) and I went to Mahabouddha. We talked about Tantra and that stuff there. Later he explained me the relating between the three images (of Ganesha, Nrisimha and Hanuman) in front of a monument there in the Durbar square: Ganesha with one of his wives representing Siddhi (success), Nrisimha standing for Nrisimha (one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu), and Hanuman symbolizing Malla ( strength; wrestler).

And, these all have been implying the king SiddhiNarasimha Malla.

Great, man. I knew new things from the buddy. Mr. Amatya, whose ancestors probably were s councilors of the Malla kings’ court of Patan, later asked me to see the top of the famous Krishna Mandir. There were flying lions at different directions! I never had noticed the bronzes earlier.

Also, when I met Jwanlanta in Chabahil in the morning, I got an invitation from him for one programme –some free software distribution programme.

At Patan Dhoka, I remembered about the invitation for the next day. And asked Neeraj if he had time… He said he’s got something to write but he will try to manage time