It’s been five years now of the greatest terrorist attack hitherto in the present world. Al-Qaeda, a well-organised network of the Islamic radicals led by Osma bin Laden said it was behind the attacks in the United States of America.

More than two thousand people were killed. Innocent people paid cost of to wrangling between the US as well as other western governments and the Islamic extremists. Their precious lives went in vain.

bin Laden and his gang have disguised themselves as the “warriors of their religion” and are terrorizing the world. They are threat to the peace loving society.

However, rather than an individual, this bin Laden sort of attitude should be taken for the real threat. And there are thousands of bin Ladens in our society. There are some governments that have double standards and are real follower of bin Laden doctrine.

What about the so-called democratic governments who are bullying other small and weak countries? Some of their activities are terroristic. They who are intolerant to their neighbours and the rest of the world are pernicious. Their rhetoric against the religious extremism and other form of terrorism is a stalking horse. In one way or another, they too are terrorists.

Don’t they understand why they have been target of other terrorists? It’s a mere power play!

Notwithstanding the advent of the 21st century and a new civilized society, we are returning to the society like that in the stone age that was culturally not advanced.
At present, one country is fighting with another like the tribes in early societies for no reason. And, this uncultured sort of attitude and selfishness among the so-called civilized society are the threat to the human race.

Let us denounce any form of terrorism.

No more religious extremism!
No more political radicalism!
No more racial discrimination!
No more misanthropy!

Let’s live together with tolerance!
Let’s prevent human society from being an abattoir!

If there is God, may He give brains to those religious, political and power-frenzy monomaniacs!

May peace prevail on the earth!


By Himanshu Kaishuvam Posted in Uncategorized Tagged

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