Interview or comedy show?

timiSince yesterday everywhere in the electronic media there is Prachanda.
BBC Radion, Nepal 1 television yesterday, and Kantipur TV today.

Indra Lohani has again proved that he does not let the interviewess, whoever they are, stand out the interview. Lohani is indomitable.

(More than a political interview it was like a comedy show today. However, I enjoyed it a lot.)

The Maoist leader would have felt that high time they “won the heart” of the rest of the people now by persuading them by any means, if not by intimidation.

Today’s interview was nice one.

All the same, in some instances, there was nuance of hypocrisy in his sayings. May be that was for propaganda.

The Maoists have come on the way to non-violent political mainstream like a bolt out of the blue in terms of time. Despite their beguiling entrance into the active politics– no matter they have to give up violence sooner or latter if they are worried about the Nepali people—there are some stout questions:

1. Will the Maoists be able to give up the rage of power of arms?

2. Will the reactionary elements that are believed to have unholy ties with some foreign quarters that do not want to see the progress of Nepal let the peace process be a success story?

3. Aren’t the Maoists trying to cash in on the volatility of the political situation of the country?

4. What about the chances for conspiracies against the Nepali people’s longing for peace?

5. Won’t there any attempts made by the Maoists, other parties, and the reactionaries including the King and his associates to divert the volatility of the present scenario in their favour by creating artificial problems? What if such Wag the Dog scenario is manufactured?

6. Will the leaders of other major political parties show enough statecraft during the peace process?

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