My mouse, Prachanda and Nepali politics

1. What I wrote about the mouse is very true. No fiction here. However, if you want you can relate it to the political scenario of Nepal.

Yes, we have to buy a new mouse for Nepal-machine. And the mouse is not other than, I believe, republicanism.

Meanwhile, let the people—the computer experts—to decide whether this mouse is compatible to the machine they will be using.

2. In the “Prachnada lai Prashna”, the live interaction programme with Comrade Prachanda broadcast by the BBC radio, Comrade P said that personally he has no will to become president of Nepal.

Ok, let me believe him what he said regarding the presidency. But this riposte of the Maoist supremo to the question of a general person, if I am not wrong, was more or less propagandistic. Otherwise, why his party and particularly he has propensity of imposing an individual’s name to the doctrine and other such things that the Maoist party appears to be abiding by? To the point, why the name Prachanda-path? Why not some other name(s)?

Why the avarice of name on the supreme commander of people’s liberation army who ventured to say no to presidency?

Hypocrisy? Probably, yes!

Let me recall Arthur Schopenhauer, a 19th Century German philosopher, saying:

“Wealth is like seawater; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.”

However, if I were into politics, I might not say no to the post—at least not for the propaganda. But being president would not be only thing for me to achieve. If needed, I would be ready to sacrifice myself.

At some point in future, if I, with some quantum leaping vision, decide to tread into active politics, to be the president of a new Nepal through democratic means will be my target.

3. Comrade P denied that his party people killed Pundit Narayan Prasad Pokharel. May be the assassination of the priest was not supported by the party high command; however, his denial is a blatant lie.

A sister organisation of the CPN Maoist was behind the brutal killing of the popular preacher in Lumbini yesteryear.

4. Comrade P accepted that the Maadi-massacre was the greatest shortcoming in the armed Maoist movement in the country.

Showing a sense of guilt, Prachanda has said that the party may “make public” the cadres who carried out the explosion in a crowded commuter bus in Chitwan district despite the party’s ruling out.

If what he said is only to become popular, it is to be denounced. If he has set up his mind to not to forgive the wrongdoers, it is welcome.

Meanwhile, no excuse for whoever are the wrongdoers! But I know the top guns will be granted an amnesty and the lower level workers will be reprimanded if not punished.

4. Why nobody dared to ask questions about the rampant extortion? There is economic terror among people because of the Maoist cadres and workers of other sister organization of the party now.

Suman Kharel of the BBC would have asked him a question regarding the imposed request by them for a “handsome donation.”

5. One day when there will be the elections for the Constituent Assembly, if other democratic forces do not come forward with issues regarding the elimination of monarchy and founding of a new Republican Nepal, I won’t mind voting the Maoists.

I mean. I and the Maoists have only one thing in common: wish to see establishment of the Republic of Nepal.

However, they will love seeing their autocratic communist modality, and I will love accepting any government elected by the people—provided people are choosing the people to take care of themselves without any intimidation.

5. I have got at least five mice for my PC. And, all of them are poorly functioning. I don’t have mood to buy a new one because I don’t have money to afford for it.

Thus, I have chosen the best among the worst. This PHILLIPS is functioning better than the Zoltrix. Why to keep the one that is useless and creating problems? My machine hung because of the mouse problems. I may throw that non-functional Zoltrix now.

However, if this too starts giving problems, I will have to see the Genius, the old one that I have stashed away in the shelf. I may clean the ball and remove the dust. But if it doesn’t work, I will have to try with other two.

But I know I have one day to buy a new one.

6. Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.
– Don Marquis, a U.S. journalist and writer

I am a chronic sufferer of this disease called procrastination.

Let’s not waste more time on deciding our own future.


5 comments on “My mouse, Prachanda and Nepali politics


  2. hello kesav,
    i think you are too much biased in favor of maoists. I now wont be surprised by these facts. Once you were supporting Gyanendra, once Girija, u can flow with the power. But at least have fixed thing, you sud have firm platform to stay on, and u lack that. I dont know why you like the sheer hipocracy and bland superficial words of those real culprits. Anyway, if someday this government changes, or paras comes to rule…… I wont be surprised by your support for him.

    BUT I am and I will always be against the real craps, no matter what. I think it wont be good discussing about those things, coz we have far far different view and we stand real opposite in it.!!
    Let politics not have invasion in our bond.

  3. I like one thing about Keshavji’s thinking, If CA election will elect maoist and their ideology then what?specially congress reaction during that time. People will have no choice except to accept the new ideology of democratic communism of Prachanda Path. This point is true that our political enviroment is showing that either we are heading toward democratic communism or liberal communism or prachanda path or true maoism. Whatever the name the wind is blowing that direction. Till some period we may have choice to rethink but tomorrow our choices may limit to that. We won the war with the king but we are loosing war with the Prachanda…

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