Moonlight, music and eclipse

Mildly drifting fragrance of Paarijaat and spellbinding classical music amid wonderful audience. There was no barrier of language, age, sex and ethnicity. There was no compulsion of understanding music along with its lingo. If you could take up rhythm of music, you would enjoy the performances at the Kirateshwore Sangeetasharama under the open sky in a corner of full-moonlit jungle.

Another full moon day again. However, I had overlooked the essence of the day. When I went to my rooftop, I heard tune coming from the hub of classical music. I could not control myself from going to the place.

Today’s was a special programme there. In the memory of late Ustad Bismillah Khan, the Kirateshwore Sangeetashrama and the Indian embassy had organised the programme.

When I reached a performer was just finished with his presentation. Then was the turn of PrabhuRaj Dhakal, disciple as well as son of late NaraRaj Dhakal. His 45-minute long classical singing was based on a new raga — Charukesi—which was the last composition of the Sangeetapraveena.

Though I could undertand only a few words including: Na yeta, na uta. Madhuryata………………………., it was superb singing.

I was sitting amid some pundits of eastern classical music in open outside the temple premises. So, I heard criticism, appreciation as well as comments on the performance. Actually, I came to know that Prabhu is the son of the Sangeetapraveena there. For most of them, the name of the raga was new. An old person said: Charu KC means Chabel ki Khatri Chhetri Keti. Another person said, one Mohan Joshi had created a new raga after his name and performed sometime back.

Then was the turn of classical music. Violin! It was a guy with long curly hair and tattoo in his arms. If you would see him, you would not say that he is into classical music. I had seen the guy smoking. And, his impression was somewhat different on me. Taking his instrument in his arms, he was talking to Pramod Upadhyaya, the pop-singer cum classical musician.

Pramod was playing the tabala and the guy the Violin. It was magnificent performance. I did not know the name of this guy. So I went outside to see his name on the white board.

Milen Tandukar! The name was familiar to me. Ok, this is the same Milen, who I had seen performing in the same stage a decade ago as a little boy if I am not wrong. He’s changed a lot. He’s grown up now.

My wrist-turned- pocket watch showed 9 when he was through. However, I would stay for one more hour if the whole programme was not over.

Significance of today’s full moon is that there will be a lunar eclipse, partial one though. I love knowing about and observing such celestial events. Since I was a little kid, I have been an observer of sky.

I can see the full moon on the sky now. After half an hour it will be eaten up by the murk.
No need to worry, the shadow of the earth on the moon will go away after some time.

It’s nature. Alike in heavenly bodies, such events keep on happening to us too. God, if there is any, be with you!

I am planning to see the eclipse. What about you?


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