Swami has come

While watching news, I remembered the Swami in the evening. It was a report on the felicitation of 12 women of different runs of life who have contributed in their different fields by the deputy speaker of HoR When I saw Chitralekha Yadav, I recollected what Swami had told me in Varanasi.

After sometime, Da’ received a call. It was Swami. He reached Kathmandu today. He will visit us tomorrow morning. With Baba, he talked about his plan to visit Solukhumbu.

Oh! Probably, I will have to give him company. In Varanasi, we had discussed about his plan to open an ashrama in the mountainous district. Even in phone from Bengal a couple of months ago, he had said that he would come to Kathmandu in Bhadra and we may go to the place. I had said ok. However, I have very difficult schedule now.

Classes, research and other things…If he asks me to go along with him, it will be very difficult for me to decide. Hope I will be in a quandary. If I say ok, it will disturb my studies. If I say no, it will be running from the responsibility.

Let’s see what will happen tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have not completed the work that I myself had said that I will do for him.
It’s for the Nepali temple in Varanasi. It’s about the Nepali architect, Influence of the Tantra in it, essence of lovemaking postures in Nepali Hindu temples…

I will have to find some excuse for it. May be I will finish it within this week before he returns.

Has he brought me the gift that he had promised me to? I am excited to see the holy man again.


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