Sleep, sleep and sleep!

After a long time, today I got an opportunity to notice how the break of the day looks like.
Thanks to my friend because of who I witnessed a morning just after sunrise.

I went bed at four in the morning. It had been about two hours I had slept, I got a call. I rarely receive calls in the morning. However, it was urgent one. Giridhari forgot to take his bag from me yesterday, and he wanted it back today morning.

Unwashed and uncombed with unkempt appearance–uttering yawns every minute, rubbing eyes time and again–and staggering along the way, I reached the place where he had asked me to come. I had to wait him for 10 minutes. And, the ten minutes turned to be an age. I looked at every two-wheeler that passed through the way but Giridhari did not appear. I could not stand any more. I leaned against the door of a shop that was not opened in the early morning; he did not come. I sat down in the floor; he did not come into view. To wait somebody is the most boring job in the world.

May be I was before the time. May be he was a little bit late. Finally, he came and apologized for disturbing me in the morning.

Back home, I slept again. Though I was supposed to go get up not later than eight, I was dead to the world till eleven despite Baba’s attempt to rouse me from my kip. Today I missed classes again.

Thinking that I would, however, go to Uni to take practical classes, I called up the department. Somebody told me that there would be no practicals today.

Okay. It was a chance to catch some Z’s again! When I got up, it was 7:30. Since then day of a nocturnal being has begun.


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