Chhayadevi came to the lime light

Chhyadevi Parajuli, the octogenarian who used to be seen in the fore front of the rallies organised to fight the autocratic regime of the monarch for three years, is no more now.

She passed away today.

I had first seen her picture in a newspaper, where she was leading the crowd in the Valley against the King’s take over, even at the time when the political parties were hesitating to come forward to lead the masses and raise voices for the democracy.

Later I saw her in some occassions in the rallies when I being a journalist had …..

Some time later Chhayadevi came to the lime light. She became popular because of her active participation in the demonstrations despite her age. Also, she was very vocal and she knew what she was speaking about.

There was some hearsay about her.

1. The old woman goes to the rallies because she is paid two or three rhinos a day.

2. She is a sympathizer of the Nepali Congress because she was a girlfriend of Late BP Koirala.

3. She is an active worker of the Nepali Congress.

God knows the truth. However, I don’t believe that she went to the rallies for the money. She turned to be sympathizer of the Nepali Congress because she participated in the 2007 Revolution.

Just today, in the TV, I saw her expressing her desire to meet the Maoist leaders and give them some advice.

Though illiterate, Chhayadevi was speaking with confidence and she was clear with her vision.

Chhayadevi fought for democracy because she thought she had to, being a conscious citizen. She had no personal motive for that.

My respects to the granny who has given lesson to the politicos who apparently fight for the democracy and betterment of the society but get involved in the fulfillment of their own ulterior motives.


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