Creative commercials

It’s fun watching some commercials. Not all but a few of the funny commercials are creative enough to be appreciated.

Just today I noticed something adroit in a commercial broadcast on one of the Indian channels. It was of a rubber with brand name Thrill. I still remember its catchword: Name of the game. The semi-nude models were not an attraction. It was all that old-hat for the advertisement of the condom.

At the last of the commercial, I saw a train entering a tunnel. And, for me, it was something ingenious.

Hats off to the architect of the commercial! You can find something different something artistic in the advertisements as well.


Nothing is accidental

Litterateur BalaKrishna Sama, also a thinker, in his essay titled “Niyamita Aaakasmikata” correctly points out that no event is chance. He argues that a lot of factors and events that are playing role to culminate a result act next to it. So nothing is accidental.

I will give you an example here.

The glass of one of the windows of our common room broke down today. Apparently, I broke it down. I tried to open a window. The pane that was taken out from its frame to make the painting job of the grill easier and leaned against the wall outside the window got pressure from the window, fell down to the ground and shattered.

Baba was saying, “Don’t open ..” when the window hit the pane. In no time, a big bang was heard. Since I did not know that the glass was kept there, it was a mishap.

Somebody who was passing through the verandah was one a meter away from the ground where the 3 by 2 glass fell down and smashed to smithereens.

Later I came to know that it was Baba who asked the painter to rest the glass against the wall at that place. After painting the grill, the painter was about to fix the pane on its frame, however, Dai asked him to do that tomorrow. He wanted to clean the glass from both sides.

Had I not opened the window, the glass would not fall down. If it had not fallen down, it would not break down.

Moreover, if the grill-window was not opened to inside, I would not think of latching it and opening the glass-window. If the grill was not painted, it would not be …..

I had asked Baini if she needed my help in the kitchen. If I were not a mad gastronome, she would allow me to stay in the kitchen. Probably she thought that instead of helping I would eat the dishes she was preparing for that “dar” and she said no. Had she not said no, I would not go downstairs and open the window. And, the glass would not smash.