When I was going through my own entries, I realised that I am hooked to the use of some words. This has made the weblogs hackeneyed.

“However” is the word that has been repeated in every next sentence.

I will try not to over use the word again.


Interim Constitution

Interim constitution

Will it come on time? How will it be? Can it be efficiently implemented? Will it be of that standard to be the supreme law of the country? What will be the place of the king on it?

These are a few questions I have been doing with myself.

Whatever be its nature, if it speaks about the king, I believe, it will fall short.

Though there are voices for the announcement of the Democratic Republic of Nepal and People’s Republic of Nepal from some political quarters, I think it will be better if remains mum regarding the monarchy. However, if it says there is monarchy of any sort in the country, it will be the apple of discord. The left parties and the right ones along with the democratic ones will start fighting between and betwixt them.

Let the people decide the fate of the monarchy. Let the people choose the system they want to be in.

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