Navin ko article (Nepal:AheadOfDisaster)

(This was password protected because Navin had said that he would send it to some newspaper, and for the paper the article needs to be unpublised.)

Nepal: Ahead of Disaster

By Navin Raj Kaini

If it was a great revolution in the history of Nepal against the monarchy, I would give a round of applause to Krishna Pahadi who though a commoner ventured to come to the fore to fight the hysteria of power and hypocrisy of the establishment, that too at the time when the so-called people’s representatives were out of sight, hesitant to face the society because of their shabby image among the public.

There were times when Pahadi’s courage led with example; he wouldn’t fear the wrath of the powers that be which turned the deaf ear towards the people’s needs and aspiration.

Whenever the party leaders were hesitating to put up their hands in the mass to champion people’s cause, this man with austere looks could be seen trying to prove his logic for the creation of a newer Nepal. Every so often, I wondered he should have been our leader, our caretaker… His presence in the mass itself was enlightening for the gatherings. He’s been fighting for us: to set the Nepali people free from the cocoon that’s hindering our social restructuring. I admire his grit and dedication for a change: a better one.

All the same, there is the other side of the story. At present, though we correctly point out the lack of essence of the monarchy, we are brushing off the violence and absolutism imposed by the Maoists. However, they claim that they are fighting the social evils for the people’s liberation. Can the day to day extortion, looting, murdering, torturing and intimidation that have been their rituals be passed over? We aren’t seeing the real bug that’s killing our people. Everyday people are coerced to live in terror. Isn’t that the great reason to go ahead and fight those wrongdoings?

Our premier, alike some other leaders, is fixated on outmoded beliefs, and his senile wits, for sure, have not been in has favor to maintain his clout. But that doesn’t mean the civic society always needs to speak against the ruling people only. And, even if you think so, go ask people what is ruling their night; it’s terror that’s been imposed on them, it’s insecurity that’s been irking them. Can you bank on the words of the political fanatics who are cashing in on the people’s faith only to fulfill their ulterior motives?

If you pay no heed to the bigots and radicals at present only because you are not directly harmed by them, someday life will come back to you all hard. It’s only the prevue of the imminent disaster. If you say let bygones be bygones to the offenders, it will be reward for them and they one day will come to rule you. Another fight, an easier said than done, will be the Hobson’s choice if liberty makes a difference to you.

At this time, where are the champions of the civic society? Why don’t they dare to lead the society against fanaticism? Mr. Pahadi, are you there for people again?


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