Friends that are girls

When they get married, some of my friends who happen to be girl, feel that there is no essence of the friendship with me and may be other boys.

They disappear somewhere in their new world. No emails, no phone calls, and sometimes some of them even overlook when we come across some where in this little world.

I can understand what sort of society we are. I can understand their problems. However, I don’t agree with what really they are doing.

By the bye, “Sonia” did not reply my mails for a couple of years. Again, I wrote her yesterday. One of her addresses apppeared to be no longer in existence. I got a failer notification. Sonia no more exists. She is only S—-ta now.


(For me more than S—-ta, Sonia was enterprising. But these were the names of the same girl.)

Then, I wrote to S—-ta. I had no expectation that she would reply. However, amazingly she wrote me back.

Hello S…..,

How you doing these days?

Only to write a few words in reply, i think, should not be taken for a burden. Hope you will reply this time.

All the best


i’m doin fine.. kinda busy with my studies.. exams r near bye