Proposal stuff

What a cunctator I am? The proposal is not complete yet.

Actually, it would be complete by today, had I not decided to modify the objective as well as the methodology of the research when I got the recent paper (10 month-old, though) which is very close to my topic published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology to read. And, I believe it will take two more days to put the last touches on it.

Tomorrow is the point in time given by Prof. Agrawal. I am quite confused what to do. I don’t feel comfortable talking to him in phone. But anyhow I have to inform him about the delay. Shall I write an email asking him for a couple of days…? I will do that, most probably.


One comment on “Proposal stuff

  1. This is the email I sent him.
    Dear Professor,

    I was almost finished with the proposal. I only had to give final touch to it.

    However, Saturday morning I received a recently published paper after reading which I felt I can modify the methodology of the research and to some extent the objective. Actually, after reading the abstract of the paper of which the full text was not available, I had sent an email to the corresponding author asking him for the paper. The author has sent me the pdf file of it. And, I am going through it now.

    So I request you for three more days for finalising the proposal. Shall I call you up in your cell phone?
    With regards,

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