Nepal’s future

I would have been working on the proposal this evening also. However, there was the broadcast of the interview with Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, the second man in the CPN Maoist, in the Kantipur TV… So, I could stop myself from watching it.

Indra Lohani did a good job today. The interviewee could not dominate the interviewer this time.

Today I am sure that the Maoists are the ones with distinct goal. You may call it over-ambition. I mean they are for the Republican Nepal that too of some sort of communist model. However, Dr. Bhattarai’s ambage made me feel that they are not ready to speak everything about what they are thinking in detail right now. May be they haven’t any. May be they will “develop” gradually.

However, it is true that among the active political quarters in Nepal, only the Maoists know that what they are doing. For them, everything they do is part of their strategy. The strategy for the putsch: no monarchy and weak political parties…

Referring to the October Revolution, he on one occasion said, “April’s was the people’s movement not a revolution.” May be. But isn’t there irony in his statement?

Revolution need not be bloody, I believe. Is only their taking to arms against the state is the revolution?

Apparently, the Maoists are advocating for a better Nepal where there would be justice, equality… Still I cannot overlook that the Maoists too are a microcosm of the Nepali society where there is nepotism, favouritism and despotism. For me the Maoist party is a fiefdom where there is adoration of a single person. Otherwise, why the party has so much attachment to the name of one individual? I agree that Prachanda is the pioneer for the cadres. However, the nomenclature after his name sounds so odd at least to me.

By the bye, I don’t know why some of my friends think that I am a sympathizer of the Maoists. Even in my home I have been tagged as “spokesman of the Maoists.” Even Navin who knows me what I am thinks that I have some sympathy for them. I have only to say that they could not understand me. I don’t have any complain though. It’s really difficult to develop that capacity to analyse political matters correctly. But sometimes I laugh at those all poor fish who believe that they are capable enough to delve over political issues but are not.

I am not a Maoist. I don’t have any thing to do with the party and the ideology. However, I am a republican. I believe in socialist principles. I believe in democracy.

According to my calculations, the Maoists will takeover the state within five or six years. But they will fail. There will be some chaos in the political scenario of Nepal for a decade. Then the democratic quarters with no extremist beliefs will take over.

Then what?

Then depending upon the global political situation, if it is to its advantage, Nepal will rise. Otherwise…

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3 comments on “Nepal’s future

  1. Kesav,
    may be i am wrong, but i do believe violence doesnt beget love n peace, it escalates over time, now so easily u have become accepting to all maoist actions and brutality. I try to see it through the eyes of the victim, alas, we could have same peaceful environment like 11 years back. May be our politics lack vision and they are abusing it, tara that doesnt make them fit to be social creatures, they deserve to be tagged TERRORISTS!!! When the entire wrold is so skeptical about their action, because of our political pollution and our kings unworthy ambition, we have started accepting their deeds, that is in no way fair. Revolutions they say ,,,,,, but it can be brought in peace, in dialogues, in harmony, ……….
    i dont go in ur track in this issue, I cant, I believe political warriors will be born , good one who can chanbe the society and its norms, its u n i who need to change our values, I dont believe girija means NC or vice versa, if thats so then i wud more easily say prachanda means maobadi- n vice versa, Violence has no justification, can u tell me all the blood of 15000 counts for wat, and did it bring more revolution than the movement of 19 days, who ever says yes is a really misled!!!!

  2. Navin,
    Everybody is entitled to my opinion. This is imprinted in your t-shirt.
    I don’t say that you are wrong. I am not wrong either.
    So because of these equally true facts, I think, the conflict has emerged.

    Of course, the modus opernadi of the Maoists has been sort of terrorist. They are still terrifying people and cadres of other parties. They are armed, and more than political agenda, they speak the language of power.

    If they are disarmed, the half power of the Maoists will be gone. So they do not want to give up the arms easily.

    However, as the famous proverb goes, there is silver lining around the black clouds.

    Had there been no uprising, the political parties would not go against the monarchy… and the parties too would be autocratic.

    By saying so, I don’t mean that they have attained ne plus ultra in political frontier. They have flaws. They are not fully correct.

    But believe me we can learn lesson from them.

  3. keshav how can u say that’it is true that among the active political quarters in Nepal, only the Maoists know that what they are doing.’????can u say they r building a better nepal by taking away the kids from the school and giving them guns to play with?i believe for the developement of any nation the most important thing is for its people to be educated…have u thought in the new nepal the maoist have been talking about so grandly of where is the place for these kids??praachanda says nepal can cut off it’s army to 20000 if i rem well.what is he going to do with his army then?merging them with nepal army won’t be the answer coz we can’t afford to waste our money on keeping the force we don’t need……that’s according to prachanda..well if we don’t keep them in the army then what are they going to do???without education what will they do?will they go back and pick up their life from where they left it 10- 12 yrs back?will the kids now used to getting all things done at the point of gun be raedy to give that up?do u still think maoist know what they are doing?

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