“Help me publish the news”

Help me publish the news!

People ask me help them publish news. Some of them do not know that I am not in active journalism these days. Some of them want my help because they think I have good rapport with media people.

Only to keep the people who I know for quite a long, I have no option. I suggest them what to do and how to do. And, sometimes they request me to talk to the people concerned regarding the publication of the news. I diplomatically tell them about my scores. But I really talk to my friends and do inform them about the events or issues. The rest turns on the flow of the ads and the importance of the news, obviously. None can compel the reporters, even not the editor.

Sometimes there are genuine issues that really need to be publicised. Need less to say, most of the time the approach is only for baring feigned materials. Media hype, yes, this is what they exactly look for.

Do newspapers and media really promote a particular organisation or a group of people? That depends on the work and their motive. But media has its own role, preferably. To promote somebody is not its duty. Advertisement is okay. However, promoting somebody or some organization is uncalled for in true journalism.

There are people in media to screen the news; we call them news-editors. They are stronger than reporters. They have authority to accept news or reject it. Again they may be biased…
Really, the furtherance is essential for most of the social organizations. The organizations working in social welfare need publicity because their donors and probable supporters would be enthused by it. And they would get more financial as well as logistic support.

Nonetheless, this essence is abused as well. You do a little thing and pile it on in the media if you know the real tactic of persuading journalists by any means. Then, you cash in on the publicity. You apply for assistance from foreign donors and procure financial support. Then, you do cheat them and the society. You purchase a brand new car, you buy a bungalow, you maintain handsome amount in your account… You do whatever you want to do with it.

And, unsurprisingly this has been the booming business in the country. NGOs and that all, most of them are in this business. The target groups hardly benefit from their activities. And there is no monitoring of such activities at all…