Prelude of the previous entry

I was about to post an entry in my blogsite a couple of hours ago. And, at the same time, I saw a friend online and started talking to her via the MSN messenger.

By chance, today I did not close the window every time after sending whatever I wrote. And, the window remained unclosed till the conversation ended.

After doing some other things offline, I happened upon the window with the conversation. I preferred reading that all. I found it a representative exchange of views regarding political events in the country and decided to save it. With some scissoring and replacing the real names with “Me” and “Friend,” I have decided to publish it as an entry.

She, a regular reader of my weblogs, will for sure be furious seeing the conversation with her as an entry. She may not talk to me afterwards. But I know she is wise and will understand the essence of that.

Nevertheless, here my intention is not to publicise her and me and our conversation; Instead, I felt the topic we talked about, as I have already mentioned, has something to do with the political consciousness of the Nepali youth at present.

I am of the opinion that people may have different points of view. Though you may not agree with all of them, you need to respect their faith. We all need to be tolerant.

You may disagree with me. You may disagree with her. But believe me we all have not bad intentions. We think differently so it may sound that there may be disagreement.

We speak because we have that capacity to think. Though there may be different perspectives, we may find better one, if not the best, for the betterment of the society.

We think so we are. That is why let’s not forget to think.

Read the comment for further information.

By Himanshu Kaishuvam Posted in Clues

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