Everything is Gai-jatra

Praying for the peace of the soul, the family members of the deceased ones take to the street with strange attire and if possible cow in the first day of the waxing moon in Shrawan. This tradition has history of a couple of centuries. King Pratap Malla, his wife and their deceased son.

Whatever be the reasons behind the start of this festival called Gai-jatra, at present this day has been taken for the day of satire and humour. Many programmes are organised in this occasion most of which have commercial intent as well.

Using witty language, comedians and artistes do not spare politicos, administrators, industrialists and other celebrities to convey insults or scorn them.

Caricature and that stuff, poems and that all… ingenuity and/or verbal skill and/or incongruity of which have such a power that will evoke laughter in the audience.

I remember the days in the Panchayat regime, when some comedians like Haribansha and Madan Krishna worked out a lot to create a sense of political awareness in the public via their shows and audio cassettes.

There was another comic singer called Shambhu Dahal who too was famous that time. And Sambde Sherpa was a good caricaturist; he would imitate voice of hot politicos of that time that too with perfect diction. But both of them are these days lost some where in the midst of flourishing comedy business.

There are a plethora of performers these days. Be it the TV channels or FM stations, you will come across many comedians in a single day.

Some of them really have talent to amuse you with their performance. However, some have no sense of humour; they are in the career only because they got a big break.
Instead of being amused, I sneer their poor performance.

The poor comedians are the real Gai-jatra that you see the rest of the year too.

This is not true only with the artistes. If you go to other places, there you will see other actors of the Gai-jatra. There are gai-jatre teachers at the universities and schools; there are joker-like employees with no calibre at government and private offices…

All political parties are a Gai-jatra. Look at the leaders, most of them do not know what they speak about. Everybody knows that they do not have brains to think over issues, but they have a tongue that is very sharp. If you ask them about the space, they will not say that that is their subject to comment on. If they reply that the space belongs or belonged to their party, you need not get surprised. They are the real comedians who are active all the days of the year.
Look at the comrades who took to arms for the liberation of people, and look at the orphans and widows in the country. Look at the grey shirts of the top guns, look at the camouflage of the militants and look at the ill-clad garb of a peasant in the countryside.

Look at the dining hall of the leaders of the communist and democratic parties and look at the kitchen cum bedroom of the on the breadline. Look at the boot of the Prachanda, and look at the foot of a proletarian. Look at the Mercedes and Limousines of Gyanendra, and look at the street kids who resort to glue-sniffing to forget their misfortune outside the king’s grand residence.

The cabinet is Gai-jatra. The House is Gaijatra. The Palace is Gai-jatra. The parties are gai-jatra. The barracks are Gai-jatra. Everything is Gai-jatra. Moreover, we people are Gai-jatra.

Why to put up with these scum and the chaos? If we want, we can get rid of the filth. For that let’s be aware.

Don’t say no to politics. Be politically conscious and never ever hesitate to speak against the corrupt and their attitude. Otherwise, the society will remain Gai-jatra for an age.


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