Jaundice in animals

Beyond humans, does jaundice occur in other animals? When I asked so I vet friend of mine played a prank on me.

She said, “Hunchha ni.” “Ho ra! K maa hunchha?” I asked.

“Timi maa,” she in no time retorted.

I was serious while asking that. But I did not get answer in the same fashion.

Do alike symptoms of jaundice noticeable in the beasts? Can anyone tell me that?


2 comments on “Jaundice in animals

  1. sure the symptoms in animals are like that in man…….lethargy,anorexia,pigmenturia,abdominal enlargement,vomiting,pallor,hepatomgaly,orange faeces,fever, are the symptoms seen in animals as in humans…..

  2. Ani, what about the level of bilirubin? Does the cornea too become yellow?

    Is this the same vet who reportedly said “timi maa jaundice hunchha” to the blogger?

    What’s your addy Friend?

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