Janai poornima

It was Janai Poornima today. The festival of the raksha bandhan.

New yagnopabita (janai), raksha bandhan (doro), and raakhi. I too have these today.

Something atypical happened to me though. I woke up late in the morning. But it was not unusual to me. After taking a bath, I got my right wrist tied with the holy thread as raksha bandhan. Then it was the turn for changing new janai. It would not matter if I had changed the janai though.

Saying that it was new yagnopabita that our family priest had brought, aama showed me one in pooja-kothaa. I had some doubts. However, she said it was the new one kept for me. I believed her and put it on. After reciting the Gayatri-mantra for 108 times and completing other rituals when I was about to get out of the room, I found spanking new janai with a thread left in the room.

I was sure that one was for me. But what about the one that I put on? I asked aama and naani. But they said that one too was new so need of worry. Thus I did not change the janai again.

However, when dai and baba came home, I showed the one I was wearing. Good god, that one was discarded janai. Dai confirmed this with some fibre hanging in one of the threads.

I was really pissed off. He would have thrown that when he changed it. Obviously, I blamed aama for misguiding me. But baini laid the blame on me instead. She said, “At least, today you would have risen early in the morning and got the raksha-bandhan from purohit and got janai changed in time.”


Kwanti event

It’s our tradition in the valley to eat kwanti today. Sprouting legumes of different kinds are the constituents of the kwanti.

I too ate the soup and the sprouts. However, I have been breaking wind whole day.

Again, in the day I prepared gajar ko haluwa for myself. Four carrots, one coconut, six teaspoon of table sugar, and clove and half a litre of milk. It took more than an hour for me to cook the haluwa. It was delicious. Yummy.

Naveen asked me to meet him in the evening. He rid bed since he returned from Dolpa. And, now he is recuperating. He wanted to get refreshed now.

In the open space just north of the air port opposite to the Guheswori, we talked for about an hour. I was expelling gases there too.

Naveen told me the story about his field visit. The odyssey in the upper Dolpa was adventurous, I believe. He said there were narrow escapes from death time and again.
Rather than on his account on Dolpo, I showed more interest on listening to his story in Pokhara with a Rai girl. He pretended to feel nettled from the constant teasing however I did not give up. I milked him for all his worth. Compared to his Europe stay, Pokhara event is indulging.

Carry on man! You are a step ahead of me.


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