Classical music

After biding adios to the buddy, I went to the Kirateshwor Sangeetaasharam. There was a classical music programme as usual in the day of full moon.

When I entered the premises one guy was playing tabla. A long performance it was. Later I came to know he was Jeevan Rai. Standing up for more than 45 minutes, I watched him playing the instrument. Sound waves from it were floating in around and my body too, in the rhythm, was spring up.

I was completely spellbound by the music. My eyes were closed and I was in saltation, you may call it. I nearly fell down at least for five times. There was no control by my brain in my body most of the time when I was lost in the music.

Though there were other performances, Rai’s was the best.

Meanwhile, among some things that I did not learn, music is one. I have been visiting the Kirateshwore Sangeetaashram since it was founded.

Despite my attraction in classical music, I never could make any time for it. There is regret and it will remain for ever.

However, I have found an excuse for it. I am not for music because I cannot do that.

You may laugh to know that neither can I play any instrument nor can sing any song with rhythm. Though I believe in the notion that practice makes man perfect, it is equally true that you should have some inborn potential to do some things. Only gifted persons can do music.


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