Jaundice in animals

Beyond humans, does jaundice occur in other animals? When I asked so I vet friend of mine played a prank on me.

She said, “Hunchha ni.” “Ho ra! K maa hunchha?” I asked.

“Timi maa,” she in no time retorted.

I was serious while asking that. But I did not get answer in the same fashion.

Do alike symptoms of jaundice noticeable in the beasts? Can anyone tell me that?


Classical music

After biding adios to the buddy, I went to the Kirateshwor Sangeetaasharam. There was a classical music programme as usual in the day of full moon.

When I entered the premises one guy was playing tabla. A long performance it was. Later I came to know he was Jeevan Rai. Standing up for more than 45 minutes, I watched him playing the instrument. Sound waves from it were floating in around and my body too, in the rhythm, was spring up.

I was completely spellbound by the music. My eyes were closed and I was in saltation, you may call it. I nearly fell down at least for five times. There was no control by my brain in my body most of the time when I was lost in the music.

Though there were other performances, Rai’s was the best.

Meanwhile, among some things that I did not learn, music is one. I have been visiting the Kirateshwore Sangeetaashram since it was founded.

Despite my attraction in classical music, I never could make any time for it. There is regret and it will remain for ever.

However, I have found an excuse for it. I am not for music because I cannot do that.

You may laugh to know that neither can I play any instrument nor can sing any song with rhythm. Though I believe in the notion that practice makes man perfect, it is equally true that you should have some inborn potential to do some things. Only gifted persons can do music.

Janai poornima

It was Janai Poornima today. The festival of the raksha bandhan.

New yagnopabita (janai), raksha bandhan (doro), and raakhi. I too have these today.

Something atypical happened to me though. I woke up late in the morning. But it was not unusual to me. After taking a bath, I got my right wrist tied with the holy thread as raksha bandhan. Then it was the turn for changing new janai. It would not matter if I had changed the janai though.

Saying that it was new yagnopabita that our family priest had brought, aama showed me one in pooja-kothaa. I had some doubts. However, she said it was the new one kept for me. I believed her and put it on. After reciting the Gayatri-mantra for 108 times and completing other rituals when I was about to get out of the room, I found spanking new janai with a thread left in the room.

I was sure that one was for me. But what about the one that I put on? I asked aama and naani. But they said that one too was new so need of worry. Thus I did not change the janai again.

However, when dai and baba came home, I showed the one I was wearing. Good god, that one was discarded janai. Dai confirmed this with some fibre hanging in one of the threads.

I was really pissed off. He would have thrown that when he changed it. Obviously, I blamed aama for misguiding me. But baini laid the blame on me instead. She said, “At least, today you would have risen early in the morning and got the raksha-bandhan from purohit and got janai changed in time.”


Kwanti event

It’s our tradition in the valley to eat kwanti today. Sprouting legumes of different kinds are the constituents of the kwanti.

I too ate the soup and the sprouts. However, I have been breaking wind whole day.

Again, in the day I prepared gajar ko haluwa for myself. Four carrots, one coconut, six teaspoon of table sugar, and clove and half a litre of milk. It took more than an hour for me to cook the haluwa. It was delicious. Yummy.

Naveen asked me to meet him in the evening. He rid bed since he returned from Dolpa. And, now he is recuperating. He wanted to get refreshed now.

In the open space just north of the air port opposite to the Guheswori, we talked for about an hour. I was expelling gases there too.

Naveen told me the story about his field visit. The odyssey in the upper Dolpa was adventurous, I believe. He said there were narrow escapes from death time and again.
Rather than on his account on Dolpo, I showed more interest on listening to his story in Pokhara with a Rai girl. He pretended to feel nettled from the constant teasing however I did not give up. I milked him for all his worth. Compared to his Europe stay, Pokhara event is indulging.

Carry on man! You are a step ahead of me.

Full moon and the sky

Despite the clouds looming in the sky of the vale, I could see the mountains in the east and south-east from my rough top. Hills in the Nagarkot area and the Phulchoki.were very distinct. It’s Poornimaa today.

At the full-of-the-moon, it’s pleasure to be in open. I just returned from below the heavens. The moon is buried by the clouds but there is some illumination in the sky. It’s like hide-and-seek between the clouds, moon and stars.

The clouds floating in the sky with lustrous moon in the background make different shapes. Once I felt there was an image of mine in the sky. I fancied a spacecraft that would take me to the space and I would land in the moon.

Astronomy and space. It was my one of the child-time dreams to travel in the deep space. And, when I was an active journalist, I always tried to put in my time and source at covering the celestial events.