Challenge to Girija and all

I haven’t understood why the premier is advocating for the space to the king these days.

May be he would have felt that the essence of monarchy in the country still subsists. May be he thinks that to check and balance the emerging communist forces in the country for a socialist (democratic?) party like his, the quarters that stand in for the traditional landlords and capitalists need to survive. May be there are some reasons.

Whatever be the motive behind the octogenarian’s outlook, it smells fishy in the middle of the peace process.

Though he is free to express what he thinks or what he believes in, the prime minister who was the commander of the recent people’s movement would have kept mum regarding the issue of future of the monarchy at present.

What I think is people should be given the chance to decide over the future of monarchy along with many other things.

I will love to see Nepal as a republic, where general people through elections can be the Head of the State.

Parties are ruling the country at the present moment. Compared to the king who represents only the family that has been ruling the country for a couple of centuries, they certainly are more representative of people. However, they are not the people who are the real master of the country. Sovereignty of the country lies in the people. And the parties sans people are only a group with certain biased believes.

Thus, instead of wrangling with each other and overlooking the real problem of the country, the seven parties plus the Maoists and other quarters that have something to do with the present day politics of Nepal should prioritise the issues. They need to be responsible towards people.

The issue with regards to the Maoists’ arms should first be safe-landed. Then the country should work out on the elections of the Constituent Assembly.

Meanwhile, it’s an opportunity to all of them to win the hearts of people. More particularly, Girija Prasad Koirala who is into active politics for more than six decades should understand the volatility of the Nepali politics and with help of other parties lead the country towards a better Nepal. He should not forget that is not only a mere individual that represents a particular party he is but also the rep of all the democratic parties and forces.

Let’s see whether Koirala succeeds to bear his responsibility efficiently.

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2 comments on “Challenge to Girija and all

  1. I do agree that may be he should not be talkin in kings favour right now………. poor girija, failure as a primier, failure as leader, ……. but success story for grabing the power, possession n property. Lets not blame all the failures n successes to our old man, there are alot who cultivated the same culture in their personality, take Sher Bahadur Deuba, who learned how to fight for power from his old fellow, and tried to kick his ass, I admire his Sher-a -dil who atleast showed the guts to go against the loop-sided view of our old chap, but the story doesnt end there only. He learned as much of greed and power hunger as the will to fight. And so his personality dissolved in the bitterness of his leadership which tried to acquire the prejudiced view of ‘doanything u can to be in power’. And so my respect for him ends there. ASSHOLES forever.
    good that king is sidelined……… i so so so praise the peoples movement for that. But the real culprits, social rots, all the filthy hearts are so amazed and think they have it all……. those maobadis GREATEST ASSHOLES…Violence can never have justifikation….. A piece of trash, **** u PRACHANdA n ur whole gang, u dont deserve to be nepalese and called a patriot in ur good sense. Dont be overwhilmed to be in power, u r not forgiven for wat u r, 15000 nepalese lives…… hunderds n thousands of orphans, lost hopes n dreams, U ll die the dogs death. I heard of all the evil hearts in chanda n munda durin my highschool training, now i see prachanda the greatest evil on nepalse soil.
    I wonder how people get so impressed by his personality……dont u all so called civic society members, krishna pahadi n devendra pandey, so called journalists.. narayan wagle n pratik pradhan,…… see . R u blind or wat?
    U saw the king on the wrong doing, cant u see these assholes who fed upon the ignorance n innocence of nepalese. Why dont u have guts to speak against these so brutal terrorists.
    I wonder whom we called people, those who were elected about 8 years back, those who ruled n fooled nepalese for centuries, or those who created a terror in all our hearts with all their arms n amunitions. Its all hazy now. But personally, if my wish were fulfilled “Let the Prachanda n his gang die how they gave others their ultimate fate” and let the new leader born in our motherland who is there to rule, not to fool, who can bring nepal to new frontier. I PRAY !!!

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