Apthus ulcer

Since I am vegetarian, may be I don’t obtain required amount of all the components of Vitamin B complex from my diet. The sores that come in the gums or other parts of the oral cavity, I believe, are but the manifestation of the clinical deficiency of the vitamins.

Sometimes, may be because of stress, similar lesions occur. And, sometimes because of digestive problems spots alike develop.

Such lesions then after four or five days develop into ulceration. If I am not wrong, that is called Apthus ulcer then in clinical terminology.

Even though I start taking B-complex capsules, the ulcer doesn’t heal quickly. Instead, it sees infection. And, this is a frequent problem I come across.

It’s most probable that the infection is staphylococcal. Anyways, yet I haven’t cultured any sample.

Right now, I have got Apthus ulcer in two places. One is in the lower right gum—just below the canine tooth in the border of the gum and the inner side of the bottom part of the lower lip. Another is in the similar position but it is in the upper jaw just above the first molar.

The upper one is already infected now. It’s paining like hell. I just washed mouth with hot brine. May be it will be of help. I have an antiseptic pain-relieving gel. It stinks, and after applying the gel ten litres of saliva is produced and I feel I spit every minute. So I don’t want to use it now.

But if infection spreads, this gel with Choline salicylate and Benzalkonium chloride solution as its components will be the Hobson’s choice.

Furthermore, if again the infection doesn’t get controlled I will have to resort to antibiotic capsules. However, at present there is no source here that would provide me with free samples. They are really expensive. Hope I would not need the antibiotics.


6 comments on “Apthus ulcer

  1. My son who is now 16 has had apthus ulcers since he was 2 years old. He gets them regularly and seems to have a more painful outbreak when he i sunder stress. The stress can be emotional or physical, such as illness. Currently he has about 60 of these ulcers in his mouth. They are located in in the upper and lower pockets of his mouth between his gums and his lips. He also has them under his tongue and onthe very tip, his soft palette, his tonsils, the back of his throat and down into his esophogas, stopping at about where his adams apple protrudes. This is the worst outbreak he has had and there seems to be palliative medical help available. Antibiotics, of course don’t help. Viscious lidocaine which he is to swish, gargle and spit is pointless. He had been 2 days without eating due to the pain. I bought him some sore throat spray, Wal Mart brand and that has helped. He actually ate tonight. Good luck – we have not had any over the last 14 years of ER docs, pediatricians, and ENT specialists. Whatr worked for me as a kid when I had what you describe is the mouthwash Lavoris – the red kind. Doen’t help my son who has the true apthus ulcers.

    • HI!
      My name is April. I too suffer from these awful apthous ulcer. I am now 31 and have been dealing with them since I was 9. I have found an antiseptic mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. It is available at the local Wal-Mart. It is called Peroxyl. Keeping the sores clean seems to help lessen the pain and the healing time. I wish your little guy luck.

  2. hi
    i myself am suffering from the same disease, i am a general surgeon
    i would like you to visit near by homeopathic doctor .
    since i have also taken that treatment it was effective for an year or so
    but now i have relapse of those complaints but who knows it might be use ful for your son
    wating for your reply on rishabhjakhar@hotmail.com

  3. Hi Doctor!

    What does the treatment involve that you had done? Even if it only provided relief for a year I would be willing to try anything!

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