Keep it up, never give up

(Finally, the programme succeeded. I hardly slept for three hours yesterday night.)

More than the success of the top ten students, I was happy with the achievement of Min Bahadur Thapa who scored highest marks among the students who graduates from government schools.

Thapa is a domestic helper at a house here. May be he is taken for a servant. However, his grit and determination made him a success story. Despite studying at a government school, he scored good marks in his SLC exams. More than 76 per cent is not a joke. Among others, he too was a part of attraction of today’s felicitation programme.

When he was called to the dais for the special award, he was quite nervous. I believe it pertained to the unexpected annunciation.  He would not have anticipated such an honour.

The principal of the Pashupati Mitra Ma Vi from where he did his schooling announced to give him an award of Rs 500. In no time one Sandesh Pokhrel came forward and prized him with Rs 1000. Though he was still nervous, he was trying to smile.

When Ramanath Shrestha (Ramaa dai), the vice president of the Aawhan Samuha declared that the Srinath Collection would by all text books for his higher secondary education, everybody could see the glad lad.

(At present, I am not in a position to support others financially. I wish I too did something to him. When I saw people coming to the fore to help him, I was excited. My eyes turned wet. Later somebody told me that Shailaja’di’s eyes too had tears.)
For me, the support for Mr. Thapa today was not a mere sympathy. It was an honour. Carry on boy, you will succeed in future also.

Keep it up boy, keep it up
Never give up!

All the best.


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