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By Himanshu Kaishuvam Posted in photos


She is leaving the CDM for her PhD. Reshma Tuladhar, my ideal teacher at the department.

Not only meticulous at the practicals, the teacher par excellence is brilliant at the theory part also.

Tomorrow her students have organised a farewell programme to her. Hopefully I too will be a part of it.

Felicitations to you Dear Reshma M’am. Hope we will see Dr. Reshma Tuladhar very soon. And, want to say

Since upcoming few batches will not see you, it will be a great loss to them. I wonder whether the CDM can fill the void. Nevertheless, other coming batches will get an opportunity to learn from a more qualified and highly skilled you.

Best of luck for you dear teacher.


Veggie’s blues

To be a veggie sometimes appears to be an oddball. It’ll be difficult for you to socialize.
And, sometimes if you are a teetotaler, it will almost make you unsocial.

But if people are considerate, you won’t be neglected. Despite you being a flake, they won’t drop you. I realised it today.

Except me, all of them in the late-night meeting were non-veg. But Ramaa dai made an arrangement for me. Though it was difficult for me to gulp down whatever I was eating with the aroma of non-veg items spreading all around, I managed it anyhow.

Excited me

Yesterday I wrote an email to Prof VN Agrawal asking for an appointment. I had written him earlier also. Since he was in the US, he did not reply me.

I want to discuss on the research topics I have worked out with him. Today I got a reply. He’s fixed the date.

On Aug 06 @11 am @RLabb

Despite information regarding the newly put budgetary needs by the lab, I preferred approaching the professor because if he feels okay then everything can be managed.

Which topic would be appropriate? Micropaleontology related one or the one that will see the plasmid profiling of the bacteria which would be isolated from soil showing different levels of radioactivity?

If green signal given, it will be fun working on the dream project. All the same, the chances are minimal. I know that.

I wish myself a best of luck. I guess you too won’t want to miss the chance.