My visual aspect and comments

When I entered the room and greeted the seniors and shook hands with them, I heard a comment: What a change!

I didn’t understand what that was for. But I could guess that they were referring to by visual aspect.

After a while, Ravi dai showed me a picture and asked, “Is this you?”

It was a group photo of the Aawhan Top Three taken a decade ago. One Hamal form Birendra Sainik School was first, I and Ranju Pokhrel (all seniors were repeating her name) were second, and One Regmi –I believe he is from Siphal– was third.

They give me the picture. I said it’s better if it can be get scanned. Later, Jwalanta (yesterday I mistook his name for Janak) scanned it out. Also, with his cellphone cam, he shot me. He’s said that he would place the two pics together and bring tomorrow. But for what I did not ask.

What would it look like?

Ten years ago there was a slender line of moustache above my upper lip but no other facial hair at all. Now I am hirsute. Moustachioed and bearded. A true manly characteristics.

Also, I did not wear specs that time. Now, I have specs. You cannot see my chin now. Only the ears haven’t change.

The change with the surge of time is obvious. I don’t get surprised with it. However, I always feel sort of pissed off when I am asked questions regarding my appearance.

But I act as if I am cool, and simply say: “It’s natural. That’s all.”


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