Aawhan Samuha

When I met Ramaa dai (Ramaa Nath Shrestha) today morning, he asked me to rejoin the Aahwan Samuha, the club that has been felicitating SLC graduates of Ward no. 7 since 2046 BS. I had automatically become the member of the Samuha in 2053 when my SLC results were out. I remembered the day when I too was felicitated. I feel it was yesterday; nonetheless, it’s been a decade. An age! New generation has come to the fore. Two generations after me, according to my flaky calculations!

I stood second in the ward, and the award and the certificate have been keepsake. Everyday I come across the souvenirs. I’ve been using that dictionary; those woodcrafts have decorated the common room of my home; the shawl is above my bookshelf; the metallic replica of the Pashupatinath temple is in my showcase.

However, except mentioning myself as (an active) member of the club in my CV for two or three occasions, I never cared a fig of it. I realised it. And, without taking any time, I said okay to him.

I joined the club members in the evening. Jeetendra received me. He appeared to be one batch junior to me. Jeetendra introduced me to Mr. Arun. He welcomed me.

I met other guys as well. I don’t remember their names, though. One guy studies engineering at ACME. I asked him about Nirman and Nirakar, my buddies who used to be faculties at the college. He told me that both of them have gone to the US. OK, guys! Best of luck to you. Hope you will be a success story very soon in the land of infinite opportunities.

Mr. Ravi, the president of the Samuha, appears to have very good sense of humour. Jeetendra introduced me to him, saying that I was ’52 batch. He stood up from his chair, and asked him, “Is he 52 years?” Everybody laughed.

There was another guy. Janak, I think, is his name. A computer engineering student at Pulchowk. His job was to enter the applications for official record. But sometimes he was busy with some computer language. I didn’t feel appropriate peer at the screen. He was Aahwan second in 2058.

One person from Mugu had come to meet Ravi dai. Ramaa dai told me that he is the district co-ordinator of the Help Nepal. (Actually, the Help Nepal’s office was the junction for the Samuha members.) Seeing a lot of musaas (moles?) in his hands, I was sort of dazed. He gave a yarshagumba to Ramaa dai (or may be to Ravi). He passed it on to other guys. Somebody said it is half plant and half animal. I explained them that it’s not a plant, but a fungus that has infected the larva. The guys were really excited to see and more particularly to put the magic bullet for virility and vigour in hand. Somebody said a hot joke regarding the natural Viagra. Two girls too had smile in their face when they were observing the titillating piece.


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