Many Microbiologists and an Archaeologist

Since I was supposed to meet Gopal Jha at the Department of Archaeology, I could not attend the meeting at the TU today. Calling me up from Maldah, West Bengal, Swami Omkarananda Giri had asked me to meet Mr. Jha regarding the publication of the Datebook. And, it was a more-than-an hour-long meeting with the archaeologist. Interview—you can call it.

Moreover, we discussed on different issues including publication of a brochure on traditional Nepali architecture, essence of Tantra in Nepali Hindu and Buddhist architecture etc.

I asked a question, and he kept on answering for minutes. The fellow can speak continuously for long time. His experience counted a lot when he was dealing with a journalist!

It was obvious that I had to meet him since April when I was in Varanasi. I would meet him yesterday or the day before when Swami called me up. However, because of my being busy in some other chores, the date for the tête-à-tête was fixed for today.

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I was invited for the meeting regarding the CDM issue at TU at 1O’clock. But it did not start even at 2:30 pm. So I had to leave Kirtipur.

Of late guys informed me that everything went wrong. The establishment is trying to make a real dog’s breakfast of the issue. I don’t know how the guys dealt with the HoD’s comment. In so far as I can think of what can be the motive behind the indifferent stance of the HoD, it is but a ploy to attenuate the campaign by resorting to the divide and rule principle. You say something that may divide students, and you rule them!

The ulterior motive of an individual or two has been the impediment to find the way out of the imbroglio. For me, it appears that the condition is aggravating.

By the way, what could be the reason behind the invitation to all the faculties today?

The HoD is nuts! She has no brain. She cannot take firm decision. She is not bold enough to be an administrator. She has some unkwon fear of the “real baddie behind the scene.” She has inferiority complex.

Other faculties? Well, they might have felt that it’s their bounden duty to abide by what their boss says!

Though they are MScs or PhDs, they are not eggheads. They are mere employees at the University who work only for the salary. This is a far cry from what an academic environment is expected to be.

When I determinedly pushed resignation stating that I was quitting the job to pursue further studies, on the day of farewell, the editor of the daily- also my immediate boss- earnestly asked me if that was the motive behind the leaving.
The septuagenarian would have asked me the question because he could not believe me deciding to go to the university that, as a journalist, more particularly during the brainstorming before manufacturing editorial pieces, I always used to criticise for its mismanagement and its infradig scholars.
Nothing was to screen, so I told him why the very university! (I said something about the course that I was going to do and apropos my future plans.)
All the same, facing the insipidity of the administration and the mortifying intellect of teachers, I wish I animadverted on the university again.
Now I just recall the words of Mr. Ram Pradhan: “Keshav, tapain saanchhai tyasto ‘jhoor’ thaun maa padhna jana laagyaa ho ta?”

(Here’s a link of an article that has something to do with this piece. )


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