Going through a scientific paper is a job that requires a lot of patience.

It’d been more than three fortnights I had downloaded papers for literature review re the topic in which I may write research proposal.

Today I gathered patience, and completed reading eight papers. Good for me! Five are yet to be read.

Glancing at the pdf files is a boring task. Eyes very soon get tired when it’s screen to be read. In contrast, hardcopies are user-friendly. No trouble to your eyes. You can underline or highlight words, clauses or sentences. Also, your scribbles will remain as cogent evidences (on the pages/documents) which will later shew that you had strived and made an effort to reach a goal!

Of late, Dewansha got the documents printed out for me. Thank you bro!

Let me finish the left ones. Then I will complete writing the proposal.


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