Thamel diary

I spent more than four hours in Thamel area today. Was sort of busy. Thus, could not go to Kirtipur. I am unaware about the developments in the CDM today.


Despite his promises, Prakash dai hasn’t given me the

cellphone yet. Dewansha believes that Prakash is only

pulling the wool over my eyes; he is of the opinion

that I am only being exploited.

I don’t mind helping others.

I have been helping Prakash dai by drafting letters to

his attorney in the States, and his business partners

in Europe, interpret the legal documents and sometimes

counseling him.

I have learnt a lot while helping him.

Today too, he came home and asked me for my

assistance. I wrote letter to his attorney Mr. Lerner

requesting the refunding of the amount that was

deposited as service charge for B-2 Visa Petition.

I read all the mails that were sent by the attorney’s

office. There is no system of refund, it has been

clearly mentioned. I explained it to him. However, he

has been sort of obstinate. He has wasted more than $

100 for sending Xerox copies of the documents and

request letter for refunding via courier. Again, he

asked me to write an email. Okay. I did it.
I know, however, not even a cent will be refunded.

His representative Mr. Anil Bahadur Pradhan is a

moron. He knows nothing about the transactions. But

saying that he would work for the refunding, Pradhan

is swindling money from Prakash.

At the communication centre where we worked for a

couple of hours, Prakash dai projected me as a boy of

19 years old. The owner hardly believed him.

At Sainik Restaurant, I got irritated by Mr. Pradhan’s

monotonous and arrogant rumblings. The boss-eyed is

running after a spam mail that has asked him to claim

one million dollars in some place of Africa. I

explained him that such mails are but a ploy to

deceive people. But he did not believe me. Go to hell,


Mr. Pradhan’s English is poor than that of a school

boy. Nonetheless, he misbelieves that his is very

good. Only twisting your tongue while pronouncing a

word or two doesn’t make your English good!

In Thamel, a felle followed me. I took no time to

recongise him as a broker. The following is the brief


Broker: Where are you from? You Indian?

Me: (Why the heck everybody asks me where I am from?

Fuck off you sonuvabitch! I said to myself.) Not an

Indian. Am from LAPEN.

Broker: Oh, Lapen!(He pretended that he knew a lot

about geography).

Ummm… Is the place in South?

Me: South. Yes it’s in the South. (South Asia, you


Broker: Which language do you speak sir?

Me: (The same language you speak in. Bloody hell.)

Many languages. English, German….

(I knew he is a Nepali who probably would be a hotel

broker, or a drug peddler or a pimp. But again asked

– )

Where the hell are you from?

Broker: From village.

Broker: Where do you stay here?

Me: (I was confused then. I took time and told him a

blatant lie) Annapurna

Broker: When did you arrive?

Me: It’s been more than two months.

(Then he came to the point)

Broker: Sir do you want some good hashish?

Me: I never smoke.

Broker: Then what do you need sir?

Me: (Eff off now!)

Broker: Gals? Nice gals. Do you wanna have a look?

Me: Oh, no. I have got my galfren to roll in the hay.

(I know he did not understand all what said, except NO

and galfren!)

Then he was about to leave me.
Me: How much does a girl charge?

Broker: (I could notice delight in his voice then.) Do

you wanna have a look? You choose, then we will fix

the amount.

Me: No. I just wanted to know the price.

Broker: What’s the use then?

Then the bugger left without saying a word.

Thamel has been safe haven for drug peddlers, and

prostitution. Where the heck is the police and

administration? I have seen many cops taking bribe

from Kashimiri, Tibetan and other shopkeepers in the

area. Also, they extort money from the shopkeepers.

They get commission from the drug dealers and whores.


I saw Dr. Abhi Subedi there. He was walking with a guy

carrying an umbrella. It was raining. But did not talk to him. I have never spoke to him. So how could I?


It’s raining now and I can hear the rumbling of thunder. I like this sort of weather.


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