Who will win today?

Who will win today? I guess the “Huns.”

Yes, I am for the Germans.

By the way, I don’t know why the rest of the West call them Huns.

Once I had asked Prof. Dr. Manfred Treu with who I have learned German grammar and a little bit of the vast literature this question: WHY ARE THE GERMANS CALLED AS HUNS? IS THE WORD OFFENSIVE?

However, he did not answer me to the point. What he said was it is only because most of the Germans have this name “Hans.”

I think it is not only the reason. If anybody knows anything about the christening of Germans as Huns, do me a favour. Let me know that.

Azurris vs Huns.
Final score: 0-1

If not so, the decision will be come by the penalty shootout. And again, Lehmann will be the wall.


One comment on “Who will win today?

  1. Dear friend from Kathmandu,
    that the Germans are called “Huns” is due to the speach of Emperor (Kaiser) Wilhem II the 27, january 1901. He said in relation to the so called “Boxer Aufstand” in China “.. .just like the Huns, we will have no mercy with our enemies..” So Queen Victoria called the Germans (Wilhelm was her nephew) “Huns”. What began as a badinage , becam a swear-word since the I World War.

    Best regards from Germany – also to Manfred Treu

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