Puerile batchmates!

Though they are Masters level students, what I have discovered today is most of my batchmates are puerile. They have no power to analyse matters, and rather than human instinct they are ruled by animal instinct. Pity!

I am really shocked by some of their riposte regarding our “campaign.” How the heck did they take it for “aandolan”? I undertstand that they felt insecure by it. I don’t know whether they misunderstood it, but whatever they are doing will harm themselves.

If we really took to strike or something like that they will suffer more.

What the hell will those bullheaded blokes and bimbos do if somebody locks out the department?

I don’t say anything to those babes who donot have brains. They say okay to anybody intimate to them. Yes, some of them are wise enough and they understood what the real issue is . But onething to say to Sujay and the gang. Are you guys egoistic or you too do not have brains?

Learn to grow guys! Give up your arrogant believes and co-operate us.

The problem we are talking about is not only of 16 guys. It’s of the whole MSc Microbiology students at Central Department of Microbiology, TU.

I am a softliner. However, if the condition slips out of my hand, the hardliners will make you suffer.


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