666 and the Omen!

Today is 2006-6-6. The media coverage regarding the 666 and the misfotune was ho-hum. This was what I felt when I was watching the boobtube.

I am not superstitious. However, today many things bad happened to be. Let me take these all for sheer coincidence.

Here is the list of the mishaps:

1. I had gone to meet the chief of a pathology/laboratory of one of the hospitals in Kathmandu for my thesis-work. However, she told me that she’s already given words to some other guys. OK.

2. I went to meet a director of another hospital for the same purpose. She was on leave.

3. Thinking that one of my teachers who is also a researcher may help me, I tried to meet him. He’s out of station.

4. When I returned home, I noticed discomfort and mild chest-pain. I believe, it’s not heart though. May be it’s infection of the bronchi/ left lung. Also, my stomach is severely aching. Is this food poisoning? May be yes.

Oh, I forgot to mention the headache.

Though I don’t believe in irrational notion, I always remember this one: If the left eyelid of a male twitches, something bad would happen to him. MY LEFT EYELID HAS STARTED TWITCHING!

5. Today at around 1:28 am , I had sent an email to Dr. Gudrun Corvinus, a German Geologist who has worked a lot in Nepal, to her address . In no time, there was a delivery failure notification.
I thought she’s returned to her place, and wrote to the Nepal Research Centre asking for her contact address.

Just few minutes ago, when I opened my new email, I read these words:

Dear Mr. Koirala,
I regret to inform you that Dr. Corvinus died earlier this year in India,where she had been living for some time.
Yours sincerely,
Philip Pierce


I pray for the peace for her soul.
Death is obvious. Everybody has to die.
I too will die.
Death won’t spare any of us.

Oh. It’s now 2006-6-7.

Will good luck return now?

I have to meet the same director TODAY. Good wishes for myself.


2 comments on “666 and the Omen!

  1. I met the director. Be she said that she can be of no help!
    Though she responded to me, I found that she is quite rude.
    I heard one of her subordinates backbiting: She stays at the hospital for only a couple of hours. Some one said she is the wife of Dr. NRS.
    OK. Another couple of medical doctors.

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