Indiscipline or Perpetration!

Today I walked a lot. More than 15 km.

I went to see the Maoist’s mass-meeting at the Khulamancha.

The comrades’ speech was really spell-binding. Some of them said that they are ready to resolve the crisis by peaceful means. Through the dialogues.!


However, there I witnessed something that I cannot forget and should denounce.

I saw a Maoist volunteer enjoying the eveteasing of a passerby girl at the Ratna Park MicrobusPark. A tall guy on red tee-shirt imprinted with Comrade Prachanda and sickle and hammer on the front side, deliberately poked at the bosom of a young girl who was with a man, probably her boyfriend. He went further and turned back to see, with leachorous gleam on his eyes, the expression on the girl’s face.

The horror on the face of the victim and the boy with her was noticeable! Had I taken my camera with me, for sure, I would have shot the incident.

Did you notice any such incidents of indiscipline among the Maoist cadres today?

Will the Maoist organisation take account of such perpetrators? Won’t such lamentable commission by its comrades impart the whole organisation a bad reputation?

Yes, I can understand the luxuria of the militia-man who probably came to the Valley for the first time and saw so many girls on Jeans. However, how will the same person “who is fighting for the equality, freedom and people’s republic” explain the sexual harrassment of the general public?