My research topic

I  have chosen a very wierd topic for research. One of my well-wishers has suggested me not to flash that out at present. So I won’t tell many people about that.

But it is related to Paleontology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology

Prof. Ronald has provided me with a very nice “tool” for finding out literature in the subject matter.

I have already talked to Prof. SR Basnyat regarding the supervision.

I am working out on some articles too.

NASA scientists can help me, if they want.

Prof. Bauerle has suggested me to write to some of them asking them for the help by providing me with the articles published by them which are generally not available for free.

However, I haven’t written the proposal yet. I will do that after developing the methodology on the topic. And, for that I have to review literature.

Yet, I haven’t found any great material.

That’s why I am very busy these days surfing the net to “discover” approapriate literature.

Though I have caught common cold and have mild fever, and running nose, I have to work……

I don’t know where I will submit the proposal. I mean, who will provide me with the resources for the lab work. May be RONAST. Oh, now we have to call it NAST!!

I have no expectation from the CDM.

I even don’t know whether my proposal will be accepted or not…

Let me see what happens next.


Miss Else

An hour ago I watched a French movie. Miss Else. It was damn good.

It’s about a young middleclass girl who kills herself …

I love watching French cinemas with English subtitle. But the English is weird.

Some catchphrases, I still remember, from the movie:
I am but a man. It’s not my fault.
I am author of his decline……


It’s dark outside.
Minutes ago shouted sombebody “Help,” outside.
I went to my rooftop, but saw nobody. I yelled, “who is that?’. But there was no response.
Was somebody in trouble?
Or, somebody just horsing around?

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Buddha Jayanti

Today (technically yesterday) was the birthday of Siddhartha Gautam who after being enllightened became Lord Gautam Buddha.

Baishak Poornima. The Fullmoon Day.

Not only was he born this day, he got enlightenment this day, preached his first sermon this day, and died this day.

I have been to two places that have been connected to Gautam Buddha– Lumbini in modern Nepal, his birthplace, and Saranatha in India, where he first preached.

UNESCO has recognised this day….

Meanwhile, I am afraid that the modern world is cashing on Buddha's name. Buddha has become only the means of money making.

If the present world takes account of the great soul, it should abide by the principle of ahimsa.

Let's give up the violence of any sort. No animal sacrifice. No killing of people for political interests.

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My Dial-up woes

For days unnoticed, my landline had problems. And when it started raining, the snag to the Internet connection devolved into low speed, abrupt disconnecting, and the failure to connect.

How can I forget these Error messages — particularly, 721 and 778 that I stumbled upon everyday?

I tried to connect every now and then night by night. But the failure every time. What a fucking nuisance these messages were!
721: The remote computer is not responding.
778: It was not possible to verify the identity of the server.

After tens of attempts, I used to get connected but the speed was not more than 4.6 kbs. What I could only do with the speed was to wait till getting disconnected without my intervention (which was obvious). Neither the messengers were working, nor were the web pages being opened.

The icon with two glowing computers on the right bottom of the monitor was only exasperating me despite the success in the establishment of the connection.

Heaping anathema upon the Dial-up connection system, I wish(ed) I had the broadband. But it’s quite dear. About 30 USD per month only for the Internet is not a joke for me.

(The Dial up, however, also is not cheap. It costs about 40 cent per hour in day time and 20 cent for the same duration at night for the phone bills, exclusive of the Internet charges. I don’t want to calculate how much it costs for the hours I glue to the Web.)

Nevertheless, since I can get Internet passwords for free (either by sharing or by hacking) and I myself don’t have to pay the telephone bills, the dial up has been my Hobson’s choice.

Instead of giving up, I tried with (an)other User names and (an)other Dialing numbers—I mean different ISP. But all in vain. Were the servers of all the ISPs down? Or, was it the fault on my landline that divested the machine from good connection?

Since the telephone also had problems — the sound quality was poor, there used to be no dial tone for some instances, sometimes the calls used to be picked up of its own accord after first ring, and by itself — it was then sure that there was fault on the line.

Even so, at days I used to forget to oversee the cable. Procrastination is the thief of time, I know. But I could not help myself from dragging my feet. What I did at days was, I watched that boob tube and read newspapers, but dillydallying maintaining the line.

However, today I sorted out the problems and maintained the line. The copper wire had carbon deposited for years because a portion of the cable was au naturel and the moisture was the real problem…

This way, I made my day!

Mark Moxon, Travel Writer

Just minutes ago, I happened upon this site.

And wrote Mark Moxon, the travel writer, this missive.


Dear Mark,
Recently I visited Varanasi.
I had no digital camera with me and the ordinary camera did not produce nice pics. So I wanted to find some nice pics of the place…. to upload in my blogsite.
And I happened upon your site.
I am not sure whether I will use the pics from your site or not. But I am sure I love reading your travelogue.
I too am interested in TRAVELLING.



This is the link from which you can download ebooks for free.

I suggest you to explore the world via Mark’s travelogue.

The wayout?

Will the SPA and the goverment succeed to find out the way to bring the Maoists to the peaceful mainstream politics? Except me, everbody in my family doesn’t believe that they can.
Everyday there is diccussion… Despite some negative signs, I am optimistic, though.

An email and the reply

Yesterday when I was playing with my machine, I added some addresses to my hotmail messenger.
One was online that time, and talked to me for a while and refused to talk to an “unknown person” later. OK. I respected her feelings.

Today, I received an email to which I replied. No intention to publicise the name of the persons. But just want to share the words that I got and I wrote.

Message to me:

hi…….. may i know who are u and why do u want to add me on your mailing/ chat list??
anyways i liked ur Vanarasi experience.wwoooow……..that was great……..

My reply:

Hello there
>hi…….. may i know who are u and why do u want to add me on your mailing/ chat list??
== No solid intention while adding you! It just happened when I got a forwarded email– that one with sth like Nepal on 2030.
If you want you can block me.

>anyways i liked ur Vanarasi experience.wwoooow……..that was great……..
== Thanks for that. Did you read that. Which one? Varanasi…….?
The entries posted from Varanasi have lousy language because I had time limit and the Internet was very expensive there.
I had to go to Lanka some 7 km away from where I lived. I preferred going on evenings rather than the scorching days. And, I had to return to the place where I lived before 9…………..


Now am back to my place. But am tired of the journey

By the way, what is this Shristi/sujit? You guys couple or wat?


Sky is high

Sky is high.
I have to write many things, but am being lazy.
I just posted a couple of comments on Prasanna’s MSN space.
My connection is very slow. And the MSN messenger is not working…
I think now I will shut down my machine and, may be, jerk off before hitting the sack.
May be I will read some materials. May be I will write something offline.
Now let me post this entry here. But I am not sure whether the lousy connection of 21.6kbps lets it be published. So, I better copy this drool now.

Penultimate day in Varanasi

On April 28, I did shopping. Actually, Swami did it for me. Once in the morning then later in the midday.

The day before I had bought some books cost about Rs 2000 and returned 3000 bucks to Swami because the two most expensive books had not arrived yet at the book stall. (Swami had given me Rs 5000 for buying books.)

While returning to the Mutt after shopping in the morning, he said that the shopkeepers overcharged us for everything because of my foreigner like appearance.

I recalled what Richard had said (regarding the two-price-system in the third world) on bus en route to Varansi from Sunauli. Why different prices for the same thing for insiders and outsiders? One price for local people and another for tourists. Is this fair?


Later in the day, both of us went to the market at Dashashwamedh and Godwilia section. Vidya had demanded for Kurta, so we went to a “Matching house.” It was really difficult for a Sadhu and a unpractical daju to buy clothe for a girl. However, we bought two pieces for kurta.

We bought a bag, two kg of petha (sweet), some notebooks, and bels (fruits), a pair of underwears…

I asked Swami to lend me money to buy a cellphone. He said, “Later, I will give you one as gift.”

Oh, before reaching the market area, we came across a temple –New Vishwanath temple. We went inside. One of the priests at the temple gave me a garland. May be he thought that I would offer some dakhshina up to him or some bheti to the temple. But I did not give a penny there. Later, I gave the garland to a cow.


I was supposed to leave to Nepal this day. I had called Anup and told him that I would leave Varanasi for Nepal and he had asked me whether I would come to meet him or not. And I had said that I might…

But I had told Swami that I leave Varanasi only if the condition in Nepal would be fine. (I feared of being left high and dry in Bhairahawa, if I entered Nepal amidst political chaos.)

The reinstated HoR was supposed to meet for the first time that day and I had thought that this meeting would reflect the yet to come state of the country. The only one way to get informed about the recent happenings back home was the Internet – the online news sites and the weblogs.

I went to Lanka. Though Anup had said that he too would come to the Cyberpoint, our usual hang out, after his exams, he had not come yet. So I took a cycle rickshaw and went to the BHU – to his hostel. However, I met him about 50 m inside the BHU gate. He was riding pillion on Dipti Ranjan Mishra’s bicycle.

Dipti asked me to send the link of my blogsite such that he would check it out “daily.”

Kiran and Rajeev came to the Ravi’s Cyberpoint. They knew that I was leaving Varanasi very soon.

I read news and felt that everything would be fine in Neal then.

I wanted to post some entries here but the page did not open.

Anup and I went to eat Idly. Bu the restaurant –Banaras Burger Corner– had only plate of Idly left. However, we ordered to bring that too and ordered Paper Dosa.

Anup had not brought any money with him so I gave him six bucks for the rickshaw.

That night I had to share my room with a Brahmachari– a Burmese sadhu of Nepali origin who these days lives in Nepal. He was a member of the group that had come for pilgrimage from Nepal. He told me that they came Varanasi from Gaya that morning.

(Actually, he told me that he lives in a Ashram in Lalitpur only. But Swami had told me that Brahmachari belonged to Burma. I did not bother about him, though he asked me many things.)

Same morning, I had met some students who had come from Pokhara to take exams in Varanasi. Though earlier Kashi (another name of Varanasi) was famous for good education (eastern subjects), at present, with the exception of the BHU where modern subjects are taught, this place has been promised land for those who want to win degrees with ease without labour.
I could not sleep that night because I had to share the room. Also, the bed was narrow for me. (Till last day I had joined the two beds in my room…)

Later in the late night (or was it early morning?), a monkey entered from the Ankhijhyal and messed up the things that the group had left in the lounge (that was between my room and the other one where three members of the aforesaid group were living) of the traditional Nepali House.

The group had used the lounge as kitchen and left materials there. And the monkey was enjoying vegetables and dal.

When I saw the monkey, I closed my door which I had left open for ventillation because power was cut off as usual at the night.

After sometime, I again heard some sound and called the Brahmachari. It was the monkey again.

I hardly slept for four hours that night.