Rally by Nepal Vidyarthi Sangha in Varanasi

Keshav P Koirala

Varanasi, April 23

Nepal Vidyarthi Sangha, Varanasi Unit organised a rally here to show the solidarity towards the people and political parties who have been fighting for the restoration of democracy in Nepal, and against the King Gyanendra's steps to sideline the people's movement by throwing his ploy (recent proclamation) in which he has asked for the name of premiership.

The rally started from the Rajendra Prasad Ghat and reached Lahurabir where about 60 Nepalis and 10 Indians were present.

Among Indians were social workers, local political parties' leaders and University teachers.

One among them was Kunwar Sagar Singh, who is said to be a close friend of later B P Koirala. Others were M. Alam of Samajwadi Party, Rakesh Pathak of  Bahujan Samajwadi Party, Prof Surendra Pratap Singh of Kashi Bidya Peeth, Pt. Narayan Guru of fouder of Dev Deepawali Samiti, and Vinay Chopra of Dev Deepawali Samiti.

From the side of the nepali students, yadunandan Niraula BHU, Yagna Dhakal, the central committee member of Nepal Vidyarthis Sangha, and Madhusudan Gaire spoke.

Prof Gopal Adhikary who is also  the patron of NVS, Varanasi Unit, said that India should respect Nepali public's desire for democracy. "The Indian goverment should be directed by the democratic values not by other vested interests."

All the speakers delivered their speech on Hindi, except Pt. Narayan who despite being Indian spoke in Nepali.

Most of the Indian speakers were of the opinion that Nepal should remain Hindu State.

Vinay Chopra appealed that Nepali youth should say no to that democracy which would not recognise Nepal as the Hindu state.

Also, instead of republican set up most of them said that the monarch should remain constitutional but without any influence on the army.

In the meeting, it was informed that the secular groups in

Varanasi would discuss about Nepal issues tomorrow.

Moreover, the Samajbadi Party has organised a sit in programme at Varanasi on April 25.

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