Yesterday evening

After reading the King's proclamation, I returned to my place. It is not less than 7 km away from this hung out of mine.

When I reached my place, the door was closed. Deepak opened the door. I took  my dinner to my room and borrowed radio from Uttam.

I tuned different radio stations. The old radio was not good but I managed to tune the BBC world service.

BBC Hindi

BBC Urdu

BBC English services

Nice coverage of the Nepal issues. Compared to Indian media, the BBC has more unbiased and fair coverage.

IN the Urdu service, when I heard a woman– whose husband was killed by the security forces in Kalanki– yelling that the deadbody of his man was not handed over to the family. Instead, the forces compelled to sign her in a paper that mentioned that the deceased was involved in terrorist activities.

Shame Mr. King! Shame Nepal Police! Shame RNA!

 I wish I were in Kathmandu and took part in the peaceful demonstrations.


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