the king’s address

I was in Assi Ghat with Anup and Dipti Ranjan Mishra, when I came to know that the king who is also the chairman of the Nepali government was going to address today at 7:00 NST.

Actually, a boatman was listening the news broadcast by an Indian radio channel. The news read was talking about Karan Singh’s briefing and his recent visit to Nepal, and the demonstration in Nepal against the King. Meanwhile, it said that the King would address the nation. So we rushed to Lanka.

After eating Idlies in a restaurant just opposite of this cybercafe, I and Anup entered here.

I first opened ekantipur and nepalnews. There was only mention of the “address.” The bbc site posted nice reporting from Kathmandu.

After waiting for many minutes, the king’s speech has been has been published by nepalnews.

I did not feel that I read the whole stuff. But for me still it appears that the king is only trying to save his throne.

The very king and his company who have always used bitter words for the leaders who resorted to the foreign support for the fight against autocracy seems to be kneeling down to the Indian government’s pressure.


Couldn’t he say earlier that the executive lies in the people? Or, is he only trying to obey what his indian masters have ordered?

Why did he wait for Karan SIngh?

Why did the Indian goverment send Karan SIngh who is cousin of the Nepali autocrat?

Something is fishy.

This is powerplay again. The Indian government and the Nepali Royal Place are only looking after their vested interests, it appears so. They do not have to do with the democracy and people’s desire. If not so, why the double standard?

The political parties, particularly, the Seven Party Alliance should understand this and should not give up what they are doing now.

Yes, people have been suffering from the general strike and the curfew imposed by the goverment. Personally speaking, I too have bee stuck here in India. I am practically broke now. But I don’t care if the demcracy gets established.

Let’s see what would happen next.


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