12th day in Varanasi

My being in Varanasi is of the same age that of the general strike in Nepal. I have been stuck up here because no public vehicles are plying on the higways and I don't want to waste money to buy air ticket. Today I didn't do many things. It was as usual. I woke up, I took shower, I did some mediation. I went to the Mutt, had breakfast there, and read newspaper. I returned to my place, ate "khaanaa," chatted with Nepali students in the Dharmashala and filled my water bottle. However, no siesta today. Instead of sleeping, I went to meet Rajan at his publication house. (I had written yesterday's stuff but the wordpress had some problems so when I opened my page today nothing was here! Damn!) Actually, I met Rajan yesterday in the Pashupatinath temple premises. I know him since 1998 but I could not recognise him yesterday. Neither could he identify me. It was him who wanted to get "introduced" to me yesterday. When I heard "Rajan Acharya," I was excited and asked him whether he was telling me his name because I could not recognise him. We were old friends. He had taken me to different places here in Varanasi that time. In Rajan's office, I talked with one of his uncles. There came a talkative Gujarati woman and he gave her lecture for about an hour. Later, the landlord came in and asked her not to "shout." Yes, one Nepali student had come there to buy some books. He did not care what was going on the world and Nepal, but he was worrying about if the monarchy is overthrown from Nepal or/and if new constitution is made whether Nepal would remain as the "only Hindu state in the world" or not. He appeared to be obsessed with "Hinduism." He was not happy with Sunday as public holiday in India because he believed it was Christian culture. The pighead! Rajan said that he was going to tie knots soon. He showed me a picture of a girl, who he may marry, in his cellphone. I asked the hometown of her. It's Itahari. In dark, I threw a stone. "Is she Pokhrel?" "How do you know?" he asked me. I said it was guess. But he did not believe me. In the meantime, the same Gujarati Amma came, so we could not converse on that issue. Later, Rajan gave a book. Gunaratnamaalaa.


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