No public toilets here

I drink a lot of water; it's about 10 litres a day.

I drink then I sweat and I leak.

If I don't drink, I will die because of heat.

But one problem I have faced here in no public toilet.

Either I have to urinate in open, ignoring girls around, or I have to stop the leak!

I can not do both things!

Just half an hour ago, I was in trouble. I walked 150 metres to find a separate place to take a leak. But I could not. So I returned the same way and went to a place at a corner and urinated in open, shamelessly.

Had there been measuring cylinder, you could see about 1 litre of ….

However, thanks to my being a boy. It's easier for boys to leak in open…

I wish there were publich toilets everywhere in populous city like Varanasi.


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