Dirty Ganga

The holy river Ganga–the Ganges– is now dirty. It's polluted.

You can see people taking holy bath in the ghats. In the meantime, you can see people peeing there.

People spitting in the river, people washing there clothes, people washing there ass after defaecating!

Buffaloes in the river, men in the river!

Hindus consider water of the Ganges holy and use that in different occassions in different rituals.

But being a Hindu, truly speaking, I did not take bath in the Ganges. And I think I won't do that.

By Himanshu Kaishuvam Posted in Uncategorized Tagged

One comment on “Dirty Ganga

  1. The government recently spent Rs 36,448 crore on cleaning the Ganga, yet by the time it reaches only Benaras, the river turns into a deadly cocktail of groundwater, sewage discharge and spillage from tributaries like the Yamuna and the Betwa. What’s the point in cleaning Ganga and not its tributaries? What’s the reason industries still continue to discharge their garbage into river Ganges? We need to tackle this problem from its root!

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