I in the demonstration

I don't know whether I took part in the aforesaid demonstration or not.

I was in the rally. But I didn't chant any slogans. I was there to for sort of reporting (of course, for my site), and to show "ekabaddhata" with the protestors in Nepal fighting for democracy and freedom.

However, I was not happy with cheap and mean slogans chanted in the rally. Yes, it's your right to burn somebody in effigy. But you cannot say somebody to go in exile.

Yes, I am talking about the "demand" for the King's exile.

There are reasons for my disagreement with that sort of slogans.

1. It's everybody's privelege to live in his or her country. So, you cannot say that even to a tyrant.

2. If the king really wants to go to the exile, it's the bounden duty of the intellectuals, and politically conscious people to stop him, I think. Because if he leaves the country forever, for sure, he will take away a portion of the national property.

Do you want that? If so, you are not longing for democracy in the country.

I prefer calling you "mandaley" rather than a freedom fighter.

By Himanshu Kaishuvam Posted in Uncategorized Tagged

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