BHU stuff

Today I went to the BHU to see Anup. I spent about three hours in his hostel room.

I wanted to meet the Babaji –a worker at the Chemistry department– who had helped find Anup’s room when I first went to the Biochemisty Department.
Actually, he did not let me pay Rs 50 for the rickshawfare. He felt the rickshawwallah was cheating me. He said he would pay the rickshawpuller because I had no change.

I had asked Anup to meet him ask whether he did pay the rickshaw and if yes how much! But Anup could not do that because he said he did not see Babajee.

Moreover, I had felt that Babajee sent the puller back only with the five rupee coin that I had give him because the former had said that the latter was trying to cheat me — probably because of my tourist-like appearance and my speaking English.

I was wondering about that.

When I saw Babajee in the Chemistry building, I greeted him. And he said, “How are you Babaji?”

I told him that I had come there to meet him. I was smiling.

I asked him how much did he pay for the rickshawwallah! He said Rs 20.

I again asked, “Beside the five rupee that I had given you?”

He said, “Yes.”

I gave him 50-rupee-note and he returned me 30 rupees.

Then we returned.

In the cyber-point, I met some friends of Anup. I don’t remember names of all of them. But next to my seat was Kiran, online was Samantha, and later came Sarita. But I didn’t see Nidhi here today.

Actually, Anup had introduced me to them yesterday. We ate Panipudi yesterday…….

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