More ramblings from Varanasi

I think I am very clever. If you want I can prove it.

In this place called Varanasi, it is said that outsiders are easily deceived. If you are foreign tourists, you would be charged more for every thing– service as well as material. Also, internal tourists (pilgrims) come across a plethora of cheaters.

Nevertheless, I  have discovered a trick.  When I move around, many people take me for a westerner,  and I take advantage of that. I mean, I keep on dodging them. If a curio-peddler comes to me with some goods, I make him/her fool. When I enter any shop, the shopekeeper speaks with me in English. I feel every person doing sort of business, who I meet, pretends that he or she respects a tourist (me). It's because he/she thinks that I would buy something from me, that too in high price. However, when I have to buy something, I then speak to them in Hindi. No chance of any deception then.

Day before yesterday, I went to Ramnagar with Anup. From Samne Ghat chowk, we walked up to the fort.

On the way to the fort, close to the Pantoon brigde, one boatman boy asked us if we were interested for boating. We asked him how much we would pay for an hour. He believed we would give him whatever amount he demanded, and he said Rs 200. I told him that if had said Rs 500/hour, we would pay but that amount was small for us so we would not go with him. Silly boy! He then said that he will take us with 500 bucks/hour.

The museum in the Ramnagar charges Rs12 per person. After being there, I felt the amount was not fair.

(Some days ago, we'd been to Saranatha. In the museum there, the entranc fee is only Rs 2. There is airconditioner as well. We had remained there for more than two hours because it was very hot outside.)

Later, we went to the Maanasa temple, the Durgaa temple and the Sankatamochan Hanuman temple. Because of the recent explosions and killing of some people in the Sankatamochana temple, the security has been made tight.

I returned to the Nepali Dharmashala and Anup to his hostel

Yesterday early in the morning, Swamijee knocked my door. He was concerned about my day-time movements. He said I would be ill of the hot. He told that Sharadchandra Wasti broke his thigh bone when inside a tempo that was going to the Ramnagar fort in the Pantoon bridge at Samne ghat.

There was a Bhandara in the aashrama yesterday. I ate there. But I didn't take the dakshina. I was given that but I gave that to a Nepali student who was sitting next to me while eating.

I felt ill yesterday. So I didnot go anywhere at day.

In the evening, I went for a short walk.

Actually, I was escorted by Indramani Kafle towards a cyber-cafe. But it was Rs 25 per hour. So I didnot ………….

It was the hottest day yesterday, I felt. I was sweating like hell………….

Today morning I read news that two people were killed in varanasi by loo……..

Moreover, yesterday one French girl and one German guy came to the Pashupatinath temple. I explained them about the Nepali architecht, woodcraft and the reason behind carving of erotic postures in Hindu temples…

Jaochim, the guy, has showd more interest on that…

He has asked me to provide him with more information reagarding that …… Let me see, what I will do! For that I need help of somebody else. I think my father can help me finding out the name of the virgin Queen who started destroying Hindu temples in the Mahabharata period.


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