Ghats, Nepali temple and Saranatha stuff

Friday evening, I along with Anup went for boating. At Dashawamedh ghat we watched the aarat. Great performance!

It was almost 8:00 o'clock when we returned to the Nepali Dharmashala, where I am living.

Mr. Singh, I mentioned earlier had left his suitcase in Anup's room. Singh is a research scholar. A new one. He's just joined the PhD in (Physical) Chemistry deparment. He is going to do sth with biosensors. He appears to be clear with his future plans. After PhD he would join some company and later he would go to the States, he said.

He had gone to meet his supervisor for some official work…. getting a room in the hostel. He would return to Anup's room to take back his possessions. So  a message was left for him. however, anup was afraid that the former would stay in his room in his absence.

Anup stayed that night with me in my room. We talked about philosophy,religion, science, literature, and sex…

There was no electricity after 11:00. And the night was terrible because of hot…

Anup returned to his hostel. And I went for a walk in the Ghats.

I met the Belgian girl who had remained in the Aashrama when we reached here.

She is Correna. I worked in Kathmandu for five months in an NGO that looked after the domestic violence issues.

We talked for about half an hour. Her boyfriend –Banwa–came to meet her in Kathmandu and they are going to tour India. She said she would do a month long voluntary work in souht india.

she came along with me to the nepali temple– pashupatinath temple. i showed her the woodcraft of there and i showed her the kamasutra like postures. i tonge in cheek told her that he would learn something from those and practice that. when she saw one posture, she said it appears to be difficult to do! yes, that was a difficult one– to make love standing and projecting one leg to the sky!!

She shot me with her digicam.

Later, i had a strife with an indian guide who had brought two french gals to the same temple. i was not happy with his explanation regarding the Nepali architect and kamasutra postures in nepali temples.

i explained them the essence of sex depicting cravings  in the temples and in the tantra.

Those girls want to go to Nepal but they are afraid of the security condition.

After 12:00 Anup came and we went to Saranatha.

I will write more later because it's been about two hours here in the same cybercafe infront of bhu gate. anup will show me some other places today.

there is jharana in video-conversation with me.


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