From the bank of the Ganges

I arrived here in Varanasi in the wee hour of early Wednesday  morning(around 2:30 IST).

Swami was along with me to help me. Moreover, we helped five foreingers– two Belgians and three Britons– who had come to Varanasi in the same bus from Sunauli.

Richard, Pendan, Katheline: Britons.

I will write about them when I return to Kathmandu.

Moreover, i have to write about a 15-year-old blind singer Toofan Gurung whom i me in bus en route to Butwal.

Also, one Magar boy, i forgot his name, who pulls rickshaw in Bharatpur.

It's about 41 deg centigrade here. And i am sweating even in the ac room.

Am right now in front of the BHU in a cyber cafe. I  met Anup Sharma in his hostel.

I will write sth about the rickshawallah ….. Physics professor, a BHU chemistry delpartment staffer, and one AP Singh, a research scholar whom i met there.

Meanwhile, i am living in the Nepali Dharmashala in the premises of the Pashupatinath temple.

The vista of the Ganges is superb from my room. I can see people taking holybath and rowing boats. But you know the jetboat could not attract me. May be because of its sound and speed.

It's nice experiece to row a boat. I think i will do that today when Anup comes to see me at the Aashrama.

I forgot to bring my camera. Anup has said that he would find one for me.

Ghats of Varanasi are famous all over the world. And my place is in the neghbourhood of the Lalitaghat.

I went to some bookshops with Anup in Lanks to find out the books I require for my second year studies. But, only one book was there. the dealer has said that if i can tell him  the name if the publishers along with the respective books it would be easier for him…. I have sent message to Anju. I hope she will help me again.

I have written something in my dairy in ink– (Though I cannot write anything without a computer, i tried to write because i dont have laptop and i didnot have access to the computer. I will write about the things i got acrossed, and people i met en route to and in Varanasi, later.

Yesterday, i slept whole day because  i had travelled for at least 18 hrs by bus and i was tired.

At evening, i played cricket with local lads. One of them invited me to play cricket from his team in Maidagin. My be he called me in the morningm, but i was asleep.

Some cyberpals were/are online but i talked only to jharana. she says marichman is her granduncle. I believe she studies medicine in China. I just ignored others because they are guys…

She is offline now and i hope i meet other gals online. Girls for refreshment!

After about a week, i am updating that another site which i have been operating without exposing myself!

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