from a benarasi cybercafe

it's hot outside. so i could not venture to go to the place where i am living.

it's been about one hour and half in this cybercafe. i will spend some more 30 minutes here. Because it's got ac.

moreover, anup's exam will be finished at 3:45. I will give a buzz to his classmate Diptirajan Nandi's cellphone. And we will go together to the Aashrama. May be we will go for boating in the evening.

The girl in yellow kurta has moved to next computer because the one she was using earlier probably had problems. This machine too has some problems; it hangs time and again.  But I have not moved to another seat.

I have to turn may head back to see the girl. and I am not doing that now.

When I was chatting with Jharana minutes ago, a guy was peeping at my cabin, i mean, my computer screen. She was actually looking at Jhanara on the webcam.

I felt irritated but i pretended i didnot see him doing that.

I have opened some online news-site to read the news of  nepal. there is strike going on. tomorrow the seven party allaince has organised a mass demonstration programme. for sure, the government will try to supress that.

i read some lines of the king's address ….

moreover, when i was en route to varanasi, on the same day the king had come to Bhairahawa. I saw the banners reading welcome messages. Also, people were disensembling the baboo work.

The extravgazanza, the sycophancy!

They spent thousands of rupees for welcoming the king. After spending a couple of hours there, the king was gone. But you could notice the waste of money! By saying so, i dont mean that you should not welcome your head of the state. I mean, had the money been used in something creative or something service motive, I would appreciate that.

But this sort of things keep on happening. After all we are a feudal society. And it will take time to transform into an equalitarian one. however, i am not sure whether we would see the trasformation ever.

By the way, it's my second trip to Varanasi. Earlier, in 1998, I had come here. However, I didn't see change here.

Power supply was irregular there, and that is not changed yet.

Anup told me that one thing advantageous for him to be in the BHU premises is that there is no problem with electricity– light and fan!

I don't understand why the UP state government is undermining the essence of electricity in this tourist spot. Meanwhile, I don't forget the loadshedding in my place. But i don't know whether here it's load-shedding or only the interruption in the supply.

The lady I mentioned earlier is gone now.

I want to go to the toilet. I asked the person who looks after this c'cafe. However, he said that there is no toilet here. i think i should move now.

I will take a tempo to Godhuliya.


3 comments on “from a benarasi cybercafe

  1. I love Banaras.. the Lalita Ghat is close the Manikarnika, I’ve walked from there
    to the rail bridge many times.. I’m lucky this year I get to return for Shiva Ratri!
    Are you still there? What are your studies?
    all good,

  2. Stephen,
    Nice to know that you love Banaras. I too like the place despite the mismanagement, dirt, people taking a leak in open –50 cm away fromthe the open eateries in the roadside (gallies too), money-minded people, cozening tourist guides, blistering sun in the summer and uncomfortably cool winters, irregular power supply …

    I miss those public-spirited cronies who feign to be very enterprising to foreingers , particularly to westerners and people with similar looks. A strange gravitation in them to white-skinned persons.

    The Ganges and the boats, the ghats and the evening rituals in the evening with traditional candles and prayers as well as classical music.

    The crowded bazaars and narrow alleys where one has to push others to go along ….
    Bulls and dung.
    Temples and pilgrims.
    Real sadhus and pretenders….
    Drug peddlers and pimps who will keep on following you notwithstanding your no interest in their “service”

    This is what Varanasi is.

    Steve, I am not in Benares (=Banaras=Varanasi ) at present. I am in Kathmandu. And regarding my subject it’s a branch of Biological science. Microbiology people call it.


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