From Chitwan

It's been five days in Chitwan. This place is burning like hell. It's really hot. Right now I have returned from Devghat and am in a cybercafe at Hakimchowk. I was sweating like a dog's tongue; however, it's cool in this cubicle– the fan is on.

Next to my cubicle, I can see some some guys busy on chatting. I can see legs of a bebe in blue jeans. Just now I woman in Kurta has checked in. I don't care what other guys are doing… 

When I arrived here in Chitwan, I had thought that I would write daily and post here in this very blogsite of mine. However, my cousin's goddam machine is kaputt, I could not do that. Yesterday, i had come in search of cyber-cafe but the power was cut off because of that goddam load-shedding, anyways.

On April 1, I made at least 15 people fool. Actually, i was reading "Catcher in the Rye" on the bank of the Narayani. SOme kids were swimming and some were taking sunbath. They took me for a "kuirey" and sorrouded me, and asked me where I was from. I said,"Lapen."

They thought Lapen is a country somewhere in the globe, may be Europle. But I was making them fool; if you read it  from the end it's Nepal. I horsed around there for an hour.

Meanwhile, my cellphone started buzzing. It was call from my home. So I had to leave place. Otherwise, they would hear ,me speaking me on my mother tongue, which is theirs too.

I will write more on the Narayani bank stuff  later when I return to Kathmandu.

The call was from Bidya; she informed me that Swami was there in our home and he was going to call me up after a while.

He had to come to Narayagarh today. But till 1'o clock he had not.

If he comes here today, we will be leaving Chitwan tomorrow. Probably, we will take rest in Bhairahawa. The next day we will move to Varanasi.


Am feeling lazy to write! Hehehehehhe


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