My pastime

My pastime

These days I have been lazybones.  Neither do I read, nor do I write.

Only one thing I do is watch television. The idiot box has a plethora of stuff that has seduced me. I have got bogged down in news, sports, documentaries, movies and soaps.

Be it political or social, I believe, one should not overlook the current affairs. So the news channels…

If you can play sports, enjoy that. Otherwise, why not watching sports! So the Sports the channels…

Yes, documentaries are enlightening. History, geography, nature, politics, art, culture, nature, science, spirituality, sex and what not? So the National Geography, History, Discovery, Animal Planet…

Movies? Yes, art movies! Among English, French and Hindi movies, I prefer watching the French ones that have English subtitles. Why? Because they are artistic as well as realistic.

The soaps! They are mere waste of time. Despite understanding this fact, I have been sopifying myself with at least four Hindi soaps!

I really want to get rid of them. But how? Do suggest me.

I had a hobby of reading books. But these days, I can’t stand the volumes. Yesterday, I got jealous of Ardie when he bought two books worth about a tusker! I don’t know how he manages dough to buy that too dear stuff.

However, tongue in cheek, I have an excuse for not reading books.
“To read too many books is harmful.”—Comrade Mao Zedong

My whole body is aching today. Obviously, because yesterday I played cricket.
Ardie, Shistc, Surendra, Maden, Pankaj, and some juniors. I bowled an over; amazingly, I gave only one extra run this time. I hit a four too….

I have to write tons! But this much for now.


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